How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Gift

It’s hard to know how much to spend on baby shower gift, but consider two factors to help you set a budget for your baby shower gift. We’ll also discuss the average amount of money guests spend on their gifts when attending a baby shower. 

And to further help you know what things to buy as a gift, we’ve included different items you can get the parents and their baby for the baby shower. If you opted for a book, read what to write in a baby shower book to make it more thoughtful. 

how much to spend on baby shower gift


Exactly How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Gift

The average amount guests spend for their baby shower gift starts at $25. On the higher end of the range, baby shower gifts can cost up to $200.

If you’re close to your parents or can comfortably spend a massive amount of money, it’s perfectly okay to spend over $200 for the gift. You might also want to give something luxurious to the baby, especially if you’re playing a significant role in its life-like its godparent

But if you still can’t decide the budget for your baby shower gift, there are two things to help you know the cost you can reasonably spend for the items: 


Determine how close you are to the parents

The first consideration to help you decide how much to spend on the baby shower gift is your closeness to the parents and your role in their baby. The closer you are to the mom or dad, the gift amount will also get higher. 

This etiquette is expected because it’s likely for the parents to remember what gifts they received from their closest family and friends. But of course, not everyone has the budget, so it should be acceptable if you can’t spend too much for a gift if you’re financially limited. 

For this, you can have a DIY baby shower gift for added sentimental value. But in general, a close relative or friend of the parents typically spends a starting cost of $100 for the baby shower gift.

If you can spend this much, opt for practical items since you have a high budget for the gift. For example, a car seat or a stroller will surely be helpful for first-time parents.  

But what if you’re an extended family member like a cousin or attending a coworker’s baby shower? It’s not expected for people not too close to the couple to spend hundreds on their baby shower gifts. 

A range of $20 to $50 should be acceptable, or some people even contribute a bigger gift. For example, colleagues will split the costs of a baby crib so that it wouldn’t be as heavy for the pockets. 


Check the baby registry

The second consideration to help guests set their budget for the baby shower gift is the price range of the things in the baby registry. It’s better to pick an item from the registry, but if you decide to give a monetary gift, then use the average cost of the items in the baby registry. 

Parents who do their baby registry often consider their guests, so it should be easy to find an item that fits your budget for the baby shower gift. And for added relief, you can always compare the amount spent by other guests for their baby shower gift. 


Is It Okay To Give A Gift Card For A Baby Shower?

While it’s not as traditional as a physical gift, some parents might appreciate receiving a gift card for their baby shower. However, pick something that would be useful for the baby or let the parents pick what they’ll get with it. 


Is It Okay To Give Cash For A Baby Shower?

Nowadays, giving cash as gifts is more common on different occasions. This means that your baby shower gift can also be a monetary gift. 

The couple may more appreciate it as they can use the cash to fund other baby expenses. But of course, giving a considerable amount, around $50, should be in good taste. 


What Are Some Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas?

DIY baby shower gifts are fantastic if you want to give something memorable and unique. Here are some items you can do:

  • Patchwork baby blanket
  • Handmade stuffed toys
  • Personalized baby book
  • Handmade mobile 
  • Embroidered bibs
  • Baby washcloth crafts
  • DIY baby mittens


What Are Some Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas?

If you can’t pick something from the baby registry, the parents will surely appreciate something practical. Here are some things to consider:

  • Stroller
  • Baby car seat
  • Crib
  • Playpen
  • Baby food maker
  • Onesies
  • Baby beddings
  • Baby bath items
  • Baby food recipe book

Practical items make the best baby shower gift. After all, do you know what is a baby shower and why it’s celebrated? 


What Are Some Luxury Baby Shower Gift Ideas?

If you’re feeling generous or you want to treat your friend or relative’s baby to something pricey, try these items:

  • Luxury blender
  • Designer baby onesies
  • Designer baby beddings
  • Top-of-the-line crib
  • Top-of-the-line stroller



And there you have it! To recap how much to spend on baby shower gift, it depends on your financial capacity and closeness to the parents. 

A range between $25 to $100 can give you an idea for your baby shower gift budget. But if you have the time, you can always opt for a DIY present for something more memorable.

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