How Much To Reupholster A Wingback Chair: 3 Helpful Factors

The biggest question you’ve probably encountered when revamping your furniture is “how much to reupholster a wingback chair.” If you are on the brink of buying a new wingback chair and thinking about what way is more convenient, believe us when we say that reupholstering your old one is a better option.

We know, we have been there too. That moment of having no idea if our money would fit the amount, because we know that nothing is cheap when it comes to furniture.

A wingback chair is a good investment, especially if you buy one that gives you comfort in a cold season when you want to sit in front of your fireplace to take a rest. A very cozy image, isn’t it?

The cost somehow depends on the labor, the fabric, and what specifics you have in mind. If you need to note all the expenses in fixing your wingback chair, you went to the right place.


How Much Should I Expect To Pay To Reupholster A Chair?

Reupholstering a chair may depend on the professional who will do it. However, at a general cost, we can provide you an estimate. This cost depends on what your wingback chair needs.

Reupholstering a wingback chair, along with the labor and the yard, will cost you roughly around $50 to $2,000. Most consumers pay around $400 for a single cushion armchair that only needs about the fabric of three yards. So $2,000 will be the estimated highest price you’ll pay for a reupholstering.



The fabric usually affects the cost, it’s either you choose an inexpensive one that will only cost you $70 to $80 or something that ranges to $200 and more. Bigger furniture needs more fabric than small ones.



Transportation is also a factor since it is best to consider letting the upholstery company deliver it at your front door, providing less hassle on your part. Take note to ask them in advance so you can consider the total cost or the amount you’d be paying.


State or condition

Aside from the labor of the workers, the condition of your chair will also add to the cost. Since reupholstering is also restoration, the state of your wingback chair will depend on it. If there are only minimal problems, this will cost you less.

However, if the wingback chair needs more materials like screws, woodwork, and frame springs, expect it to be a bit more expensive.


Is It Worth Reupholstering A Chair?

Buying a new one may be better in saving yourself from all the trouble because sometimes it may cost less to replace it. If your wingback chair has been with you for a long time and you’re somehow attached to it, you may consider reupholstering it.

You can decide by knowing how old your chair is. At this point, age doesn’t matter. If you regularly use the wingback chair for many years, there is a considerable chance that the quality is sturdy and just needs restoration.

You may also consider the materials used in the wingback chair. How is the frame? Is it made from hardwood?

These materials are a good foundation for the chair. It only means that it is not low quality or plastic made.

Also, you should consider the value of the chair to you. You can reflect the sentimental value of the wingback chair. If you have an attachment to it and can’t seem to find anything to replace it, then it is worth reupholstering.

Take note that reupholstering is a process of tearing down the pieces, changing the wingback chair’s padding and fabrics and screws. It will allow the chair to become more valuable in the coming years.


How many yards does it take to reupholster a wingback chair?

Reupholstering a chair will need a new fabric of your choice. Usually, it may require three to eight yards of fabric to fit the whole chair. A yard may cost you $35, depending on the material you bought.

There are cheap ones available. However, we do not recommend buying them since the goal of reupholstering is for the chair to last you for more years. Therefore, buying cheap items like plastic will not be worth the money.

You need to identify the width of the fabric, and it may come in 36, 45, 54, 60, 72, and 118 inches. In addition, the pattern of the material should be noted since there are fabrics that only fit in one direction.

If you ask a professional to upholster your chair, they will only ask you what fabric you’d like to use. Therefore, you must pick carefully, and you may take note of something that you specifically want. However, if you are looking for one, get the measurements and consider having a little extra fabric in case.



We hope we answered your question regarding “how much to reupholster a wingback chair” in this article. Remember that anything old can be new again. You only need to find suitable materials for these things to last more years.

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