How Much To Replace Water Damaged Wood Under Sink Easily

You can expect to pay at least $150 to $200. That’s how much to replace water damaged wood under sink.

Water damage usually comes from leaks due to a clogged sink or loose fittings. It’s essential to care for your pipes properly and give them regular maintenance.

how much to replace water damaged wood under sink


Evaluating The Damage

Water damage can have different severity levels. It depends on how big the leak was and how long the moisture was left to stand.


The bottom liner piece

This piece is the plywood on the bottom of your sink cabinet, and it’s the least severe damage to worry about. You may call a handyman to fix it, or you could try some DIY.

The repair cost for this part is the cheapest; it only ranges from $150 to $200.


The cabinet base

The base supports your cabinets, so this repair needs more effort. You have to take out the whole cabinet for repairs, and you may need the assistance of a cabinet installer.

Countertops made of granite or marble can make repairs complicated, as you have to remove these layers too. This process could add to your expenses.


Severe damage

Sometimes rot can get out of hand when you leave it for too long. You may need to replace the whole cabinet with a new one.

This repair can cost around $2,900, depending on the services you need.


Step-By-Step Process On How To Repair Wood Under The Sink

Hiring a handyman can be costly, so you can try fixing minor wood damage by yourself. This DIY is a straightforward process that can help you save money.


Step #1. Prepare your materials

You will need several materials to repair your wood, but most of these can be found at home.

  • Bar clamp
  • Hammer
  • Hand saw or power saw
  • Power drill
  • Safety goggles
  • Dust mask
  • Wooden board
  • Pieces of 2×4 lumber
  • Screws and nails
  • Brush and dustpan for cleaning


Step #2. Clear the sink

Remove all items on and below the sink. Keep them somewhere safe so they won’t get damaged. Use your brush and dustpan to remove any residue left.


Step #3. Evaluate the water damage

Check the stain sizes and see if there’s mold. Remember to use your safety goggles and a dust mask for protection.


Step #4. Mark the area for removal

Draw lines on the areas you need to remove. You can use a bar clamp to help you make a straight line.


Step #5. Cut out the damaged areas

If you use a hand saw, drill holes along the lines to make the process quicker. A power saw will save you time, but you need to connect it to an electrical socket.

Have a few breaks in between cutting so your saw doesn’t overheat. Remember to remove all the moldy parts as this could spread through your sink cabinet. Use a flashlight when working on the dark corners and clean up the debris when you are finished.


Step #6. Apply the new board

Use the 2×4 lumber as support for the new board. Cut out the right size board for your sink cabinet floor and let it sit on the lumber.

Drill some holes for the screws and secure the board to the cabinet floor. Now the wood under your sink is back to normal!


Preventing Water Damage Under The Sink

Water damage can be annoying and harmful to your property, and the most common form comes from sink pipe leaks. Did you know that clogged drains usually cause pipe leaks from the sink?

It can damage your kitchen or bathroom and give you a considerable expense. That’s why you must take care of your sink and make sure it doesn’t get stuck.


1. Remove food scraps from plates

These pieces can clog your drains over time, so make sure they all go in the trash.


2. Don’t pour grease, fat, or oil into the sink

Grease and oil are liquid in the beginning, but they solidify once they enter the drain.


3. Check for hair

Hair can be a massive problem in the bathroom and kitchen. Have a screened basket over your drain to catch the loose strands, and clean your pipes a few times a month.


4. Don’t let kids play near the sinks

Kids love playing with small toys, and these can sometimes get stuck in the sink. Sometimes, they might even break the pipe if they are playing rough games.

A little effort will save you from huge expenses in the future. Now you won’t have to worry about your sinks being clogged!


Will Your Insurance Cover Sink Water Damage? 

Severe water damage needs much work for repairs; you may even need to replace the whole flooring. These repairs can be costly, so maybe your homeowner’s insurance can help you cover the payment?

Most policy insurance coverage only includes sudden damage, like from a burst pipe. Gradual damage from neglect usually isn’t included in your insurance coverage, so pipes clogged with food won’t be covered.

Mold is also not included in some policies, depending on its cause. Talk with your contractor and get help from a lawyer if you have any concerns.



You can plan your repairs well when you know how much to replace water damaged wood under sink. It depends on the damage type, so evaluate it before you start fixing it. Remember to protect your pipes, so you don’t have to spend time and money whenever it leaks.

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