How Much To Repair Water Damaged Foundation: A Simple Guide

Are you one of the homeowners having one of the most common problems with your house? Read through to know how much to repair water damaged foundation so you can prepare your pockets.

Our homes as time goes by will require more and more attention as more structural and nonstructural problems will gradually arise. The foundation in which the house sits may get damaged by water which will require repair and of course, a budget.

how much to repair water damaged foundation


3 Ways Water Damage Can Occur in Your Home’s Foundation

It can really be surprising how water can create damage to a home’s foundation. A foundation is usually made from a thick layer of poured cement, so how can mere liquid damage it? With enough time and in the right conditions, water can actually cost you some repairs in three ways.


1. Groundwater

If your house is built in an area where the local water table elevates near the land surface, then there is a chance of damaging its foundation. The groundwater may push the foundation’s underside, creating what is called “hydrostatic pressure” that is continuous and powerful. This will infiltrate water through the joints and crack, into the basement, and will eventually permeate the solid concrete.


2. External pressure

The type of soil also plays a significant role in the possibility of water damage. If the soil is absorbent and dense, it will absorb rainwater instead of draining causing the ground surrounding the house to swell.

This will exert pressure against the foundation, creating gaps and cracks and allowing water seepage into the basement. This may then lead to the foundation walls tipping or rotating inward, which will require major repair.


3. Pooling 

If water pools around the area of your home, it will eventually degrade the mortar and cement foundations. Pooling may be caused by improper landscaping and clogged rain gutters. It is best for you to prevent it before it causes you a lot of problems.


Cost of repairing water damaged foundation 

The cost of repair for water damaged foundation varies according to whether it is non-structural or structural. Non-structural damage includes cracks in the foundation walls which allow seepage of water into the basement. This can be fixed by interior or exterior drain tile, crack injection, and exterior waterproofing membranes.

On the other hand, structural damage also involves cracks, but this time they are usually significant and wide due to lateral pressure brought by over-saturated soil. These cracks show that the foundation walls have been rotated inward, separating away from the aboveground structure.

The cost of repair will depend on how long the damage has been diagnosed. Fixing a dropped foundation, which requires excavation and other works, will typically cost about $1500 and $2500 per pier. Long undiagnosed damage will require more piers, meaning higher costs — so you better be observant if you want to save your pockets!

If you are careful enough and immediately found minor cracks, you will just spend as low as 500 dollars for the repair. However, if maintenance was never your concern, major repairs will cost you up to roughly $10,000.


Preventing water damage in the foundation of your home

There is no better way to reduce costs than to prevent problems that cost. Here are some ways you can do it:


Maintain the gutters

As clogged gutters are one of the major costs of water damage, it is best that you keep your eyes on them. Have them regularly checked and act immediately once you noticed irregular discharge of water, especially during heavy rains. Also, make sure that the gutters freely release water at least three feet from your house.


Manage the drainage

Design the landscape so the water flows away from the foundation. Create a slope that declines at least 6-inches with a 10-feet distance from the house. For better results, use dense soil like clay, which carries water away rather than absorbing it.


Waste no time with the plumbing issues

Did your water bill increase significantly? Well, call a qualified plumber to check the pipelines of your home for leaks. Unseen leakage can cause erosion in the supporting soil, which may cause the foundation to crack and shift.


Installing a sump pump

A sump pump is effective in relieving pressure from the basement or foundation floors through collecting water and pumping it automatically outdoors. Installing one is a good trick to protect your home’s foundation from water damage.



Most homeowners have dealt with problems with their houses — including leaky pipes, cracks in sidewalks and walls, peeling paint, and other small conflicts. Others, especially owners of ancient homes or just people who lack luck, unfortunately, dealt with major problems like a dead furnace, overtaxed electrical panel, and an even bigger problem — foundation damage.

Water may be a friend to our bodies, but not to our home’s foundation. In certain circumstances, we have to do some fixing and know how much to repair water damaged foundation. It is the best way to prepare to guard your precious home sweet home.

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