How Much To Repair Water Damaged Ceiling: A Helpful Guide

Knowing how much to repair water damaged ceiling would help you budget your repairs of water damage in your home. The cost of repair starts at $215.05 and can reach up to $259.55 per patch. We’ll talk more about this below.

Apart from the costs of repairing, we also included the costs of installing a new ceiling. Sometimes, repair doesn’t cut it, and replacing the whole thing is better, so we added the installation costs.

how much to repair water damaged ceiling

Apart from the costs, we also included steps to do before specialists arrive at your house. Lastly, we wrote about the ways to protect your ceiling from water damage. Make sure to read it all to become more informed!


Costs In Repairing A Water-Damaged Ceiling

For a standard ceiling patch, the cost ranges from $184 to $223. This typically takes up to three hours. You can expect about 16”x16” part of your damaged ceiling to be cut out.

The sheetrock patch application is included. The joints will also be sanded, taped, mudded to prepare them for primers.

The supplies for repair usually cost less than $20. The materials for repair include seam tape, topping compound, fasteners, and outside corner beads.

The painting costs can reach up to $85. This usually does not take long, but it still depends on the damage to your ceiling.

This price includes leveling, smoothening, and priming your ceiling. It also encompasses two coats of paint.

Apart from the ceiling repair itself, you also have to consider the water damage restoration costs. Water-damaged ceiling repairs are usually under Class 3 type of water damage. The minimum cost for water damage restoration is $1000, but it can go up to $8000, depending on the extent of the damage.

Insurance usually covers water damage caused by accidents or storms. However, if the reason your ceiling is damaged is because of poor maintenance, then the costs would not be included in your insurance coverage.

If you are unsure, contact your lawyer and water damage specialists to determine why your ceiling’s water damage. After that, contact your insurance company accordingly.


Costs of installing a ceiling

Repair costs and water damage restoration costs are different from the costs of installing a new ceiling. On average, the cost of installing a new ceiling is $1686, but it ranges from $920 to $2518.

The costs for basic drywall installation ranges from $1 to $3 per square foot. However, depending on the material you want to use, it can reach up to $30 per square foot.

For a 150-square-foot room, a drywall ceiling would be priced at $300 to $400. This is the least challenging material to install. It is also the cheapest, so if you prefer wood ceilings, they can cost up to $750 to $3000.

Replacing an entire ceiling is expensive and can reach up to $4500. However, if the water damage on your ceiling cannot be repaired, then you have no choice but to replace your ceiling.


What To Do Before Specialists Start Fixing Your Problem


Step #1. Protect

If your ceiling is water-damaged, there is a risk that your light fixtures got in contact with water. In this situation, switch off your circuit breakers.

Remove appliances and pieces of furniture that are placed under your leaky ceiling. Keep your family away from the room as well, if possible.


Step #2. Stop the damage

After turning off your circuit breakers and clearing your affected area, identify the source of the leak. The root cause of leaky ceilings is challenging to pinpoint, but there are ways to determine where the leak is coming from.

If the leak became more evident after a storm, then the cause may be a roof leak. Apart from looking for the cause of the leak, see if your ceiling is also suffering from molds.


Step #3. Contact 

Contact an expert to look into your ceiling’s water damage. Take photos of the damage for the insurance claim as well. Look into your records and receipts as well because these will help you with your insurance claim.


Step #4. Dry and clean

After everything, let the affected area dry. Clean your walls because a leak from the ceiling inevitably affects the walls as well. After that, let the professionals handle the water restoration and repair process.


Ways to protect your ceiling from water damage

The best way to protect your ceiling from water damage is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Have your roof inspected and maintained, especially after storms.

Have your plumbing systems looked at by professionals as well. This is to protect you from plumbing issues that may lead to leaks.

Lastly, look at your window seals. Sometimes, moisture builds up and gets in the walls and affects your ceiling, so be sure to seal your windows as well.



We’ve answered how much to repair water damaged ceiling for you. We hope you learned a lot from this article and that you apply what you learned to prevent a ceiling leak from happening again.

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