How Much To Repair Water Damaged Asphalt: A Helpful Guide

Does your asphalt pavement have these annoying, water-full cracks and potholes? Are you worried about just how much to repair water damaged asphalt?

If you’re going to hire someone, it’ll cost at an average of $150 – $3000. If you’re confident about your repairing skills, it will cost not more than $200, tools excluded.

how much to repair water damaged asphalt

There are different types of asphalt pavements to consider too: Porous asphalts, perpetual pavements, quiet pavement, and many more.

Prices also vary from asphalts depending on the type of cracks that they have. Some are tiny, and some are left with huge cracks.

So, it depends on how much it’ll cost you based on the type of crack your asphalt pavement has, and its size. Whether you’re going to pay for more or not, let’s find out.

If you want more information on asphalt and its repairing costs, this article will provide you the information you need about it.


What Is Asphalt?

Asphalt is a binder with a mixture of rocks and filler that is commonly used as a material for constructing roads, pavements, highways, parking lots and airports, and so on.

Asphalt, due to the various materials mixed together, its versatility makes it an important material to be used in the construction industry.


Types of asphalt pavement


1. Porous asphalt

Porous asphalt is a type of asphalt which is commonly used in parking lots and roads. This type of asphalt enables water to flow through it.


2. Perpetual pavement

Perpetual pavement is an asphalt pavement which characterizes durability and strength that can resist structural fatigues due to its multi-layer paving design in combination with asphalt.


3. Quiet pavement

Quiet pavement is a newly-formed concept in road construction which focuses on the reduction of noise made by the impacts of tires on the asphalt pavement.


4. Warm-mix asphalt

Warm-mix asphalt is 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit lower than hot-mix asphalt. The reduction of temperature is beneficial in terms of the reduction of fuel consumption, as well as the production of greenhouse gasses.


5. Thin overlays

Thin overlays are a mixture of warm-mix asphalt and other recycled materials which contributes to an improved riding quality and reduction of pavement distress.


What Causes Asphalt To Crack?


Heavy loads

Heavy loads are one of the contributors in the creation of cracks in asphalt. Due to the stress from heavy loads, it will eventually leave a crack on the asphalt surface.


Extreme temperature cycles

Due to extreme temperature cycles, like the rapid increase and decrease in temperature, it causes the asphalt to contract and build tension quickly which leads to cracking.


Lack of support

In the construction of roadways, it is important to build a strong foundation for the road to stay strong. Lack of support in any construction project leads to cracks and falls apart eventually.



Asphalt built a long time ago is subjected to break apart. It becomes stiffer and more brittle, thus cracks and the asphalt  breaking apart is expected.



If water enters small cracks in asphalt, it can incur structural damage on the pavement. Water erodes the asphalt which results in sagging and cracks.

In case you have potholes or cracks in your pavement, there are two options to choose from: either hire someone to fix it for you, or you do it yourself. 


Price breakdown in repairing a water damaged asphalt


Asphalt crack repair cost

Crack repair cost ranges from $100 to $400 (labor included). Cracks usually occur when there is a water build-up on the asphalt that must be sealed.


Asphalt pothole repair cost

Pothole repair costs around $150 to $400 (labor included). The price depends on the size, depth, and number of potholes (if there are more than one potholes).


Sunken asphalt repair cost

Water can erode the soil which leads to soil erosion, and soil erosion means sunken pavement. This costs around $500 to $3000 (labor included) depending on how severe it was sunken.

Price breakdown in repairing a water damaged asphalt (if you’re doing it yourself):



Tools such as: asphalt shovels, brushes, sweepers, blowers, measuring and marking tools, blowers, crack cleaners, etc. These tools cost $0 since you might have these in your house.


Crack fill

Crack fillers usually cost around 35 cents to $1 per linear foot.



A ton of asphalt costs $40 to $80. For 30kg of asphalt, it costs around $12 in home depots.


Asphalt paint

This usually costs around $100 per five gallons. Paint is used for the finish of the asphalt pavement.



Truth be told: cracks and potholes on asphalt pavements do not look appealing, especially when it is filled with water. These same cracks and potholes can also injure a lot of people.

To prevent it from happening, the most ideal solution is to learn how much to repair water damaged asphalt.

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Repairing asphalt comes with a cost: leaving it to the professionals for a higher rate ($150 – $3000), or doing it yourself with a budget-friendly rate (less than $200).

Although DIYs are cheaper, leaving it to the hands of the professionals takes your worries away. Prices usually depend on the type of repair and the condition of the water-damaged asphalt pavement in your driveway.

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