How Much To Repair A Water Damaged Charging Port? Best Guide

Are you wondering how much to repair a water damaged charging port is? Can it be fixed on your own, or is it better to let professionals do it?

Nowadays, phones, laptops, and similar devices are becoming a part of our growing lives. We are so attached that we predominantly use it for everything, like looking up pieces of information, getting in touch with others, playing, reading, buying, and even mobile banking. 

how much to repair a water damaged charging port

There are so many uses for phones, and they make life more convenient. Hence, we know the importance of it in our lives.

Through this article, we will help you know how much it’ll cost you to repair the water-damaged charging port of your phone. Other than that, this article will briefly discuss understanding how to identify early signs of damage and if you can repair it on your own.


How To Identify A Damaged Charging Port

Issues regarding devices are frustrating, primarily if you rely on them for work or studies. A phone that wasn’t charging can be a sign of damage to either the charging port or the charger. 

Here are some of the damages that your charging port can face:

  • Loose charger port – If you find yourself constantly changing the position of your phone just for it to charge properly, then probably your phone’s charging port is loose and in need of immediate repair.
  • Debris clogging the charging port – If you shine a light on the port and see the appearance of dirt, that causes damage to the charging port.
  • Broken pins in charger port – It is harder to identify since you’ll need to dismantle your phone before knowing if there are broken pins.
  • Water damaged charger port – This could happen after your phone gets dipped or splashed by liquid. After you have done your best to dry it out, try if the charging port responds; if not, it’s probably damaged.

The following are some signs of a damaged charging port:

  1. You constantly have to find different positions for your phone to start charging.
  2. Your charging port is unresponsive.
  3. Another sign is if the charging port’s insides are cloudy and dusty.
  4. If your charger works with other phones yet wouldn’t on your own, it could be a sign of damage.

In other circumstances, it’s not the charging port that is damaged. It can be your chargers or your battery that isn’t working.

To specifically know the cause of the problem, it’ll be better if you consult a professional in this area. It’s the most suitable action if you aren’t sure where the damage is.


How Much Would Repairing It Cost?

Prices range based on your phone’s model and its damage. According to The Pricer, third-party services can vary from $40 – $105, while the costs would be higher if you went to the phone’s producer. 

Some iPhones might cost you around $80-$100, while most Nokia has a value of about $75, while other Samsung devices may fare around $100. You can keep that in mind or directly ask a professional regarding their services.


Can you fix it on your own?

It’s hard to say if you can fix it without knowing how far the damage is. Maybe, you can start by following these steps to ensure that your device is moisture-free:

Step #1. Turn off the device

Step #2. Dry the outside of the device with an absorbent cloth.

Step #3. If you can dismantle the phone, then try to do so. Then place the device or the dismantled parts near an open window; be sure that it isn’t under direct sunlight.

Step #4. Leave it be for a while. After around 24 hours of drying, attempt to turn it on. 

For further assurance, it’s best to leave it to dry for a few more days. 

Step #5. You can start checking if its functions are working. Flash a light towards your charging port to see if it is dry; then, you can see if it will start charging.

Step #6. If it doesn’t start charging, it’s best to bring your device to a professional.

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It’s still best to immediately bring it to a professional, so you won’t have to struggle for too long, and they can solve the problem immediately. In some situations, directly approaching a professional seems like a waste of money and time, so you should decide based on what appeals to you and your current situation.

Here are a few tips to help prevent your device from coming into contact with water:

  1. Some devices are equipped with moisture sensors. Once moisture is present on the charging port, it can notify you; this helps to take action immediately.
  2. Be sure to place it on a dry surface.
  3. Do not place a drink near where your device is.
  4. If you take your phone with you when you exercise, for a swim, or while taking a shower, place it in a waterproof holder or case.



To know how much to repair a water damaged charging port, it’s best to approach a professional and ask about their services. Prices might vary based on multiple factors, such as the model of the device and the level of the damage.

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