How Much To Rent Chairs For Wedding

Those curious about how much to rent chairs for wedding can expect an average cost between $1.50 to $8 per rental chair, depending on the type you’re getting. Besides the venue in weddings, the chairs can also affect your wedding budget, so it’s helpful to know the expected price. 

You will also know the price of renting wedding chairs with tables below. And to save you on expenses, please read how to make a wedding chair cover, as DIY can help you cut costs. 

how much to rent chairs for wedding


Exactly How Much To Rent Chairs For Wedding

The average cost of renting a wedding chair range from $1.50 to $8, depending on the type of chair. How many chairs you need will, of course, mean a higher expense. 

However, you don’t need similar types when renting wedding chairs, especially for some themed weddings. Quirky venues can look good with different chairs, but you may want similar types for the ceremony aisle. 


Typical prices for renting wedding chairs

To give you more idea on the price of renting wedding chairs, the cheapest types are folding plastic or metal chairs at $1.50 per chair. If you want a wooden chair, they can cost you $5 each, while bamboo chairs are pricier at $8 per piece rental. 

It’s also possible for these chairs to cost lower to rent, depending on the company where you’ll rent. Then, banquet chairs can cost $4 to $5 each to rent, while the Tiffany or Chiavari chairs would typically be between $6 to $8 to rent per chair. 



When you rent chairs for the wedding, the rental prices are also affected by other additional fees. For example, you may include a deposit amounting to 50% of the total bill in case of damages. 

Some vendors might also offer a package with a set-up where it can cost you 30 cents per chair and $2 per chair for the chair cover or sash. And as for the delivery and pick-up, it will depend on where you’ll have your wedding venue. 


How much to rent chairs and tables?

Besides the fees to rent each wedding chair, you may also get the tables for your reception at the same vendor. Some companies even offer packages where you’ll get a table with chairs. 

A typical wedding reception chair and table rental is a 6-foot table with eight folding chairs. This will cost you around $22 per table, or you can splurge with $34 per table if you want a 5-foot round table with eight folding chairs. 

The priciest chair and tables to rent for a wedding would usually be a high-end round table with Chiavari chairs. For this, you might spend $78 per table. 


What Chairs To Rent For A Wedding?

The rental price for wedding chairs varies according to the type you’ll rent. Here are the most common chair rentals to help you compare and identify what to get for your event. 


Folding chairs

Typically made of metal or plastic, folding chairs are typically the cheapest ones to rent. They come in neutral colors like black, brown, or white and should suit an outdoor ceremony. 


Wooden chairs

Wooden chairs will look perfect for rustic and boho weddings. They add some formality compared to folding chairs, and the price difference is not that drastic. 


Bamboo chairs

Opt for bamboo chairs for seasonal weddings or for couples who want a natural and sustainable look for their ceremony or reception. They look good on their own, so you don’t require covers or sash to style them. 


Bistro chairs

Bistro or banquet chairs are perfect for indoor wedding venues. They should also suit contemporary and modern weddings, but you might need to add covers. 


Chiavari chairs

The priciest chairs to rent for weddings are Tiffany or Chiavari chairs. However, their metallic aesthetic will surely fit a glamorous or romantic wedding. 


How Many Chairs Should I Rent For My Wedding?

  • Rent chairs equal to the number of guests plus five percent extra for the ceremony in case some people want seats near each other
  • For the reception, you will need a chair for all wedding guests, but the cocktail hour won’t need as many since most people will be standing
  • For a wedding venue where you’ll have straight rows, make sure that each row has an equal amount of chairs; so if you have an odd number for the guest size, you may need to rent extra chairs to fill the rows
  • Another rule is always to add 20 extra chairs to your rental count; so if you have 20 guests, you can rent 40 wedding chairs 

If you don’t know how to arrange the wedding chairs at the venue, here’s how to set up chairs for a wedding ceremony


Do Ceremony Chairs Matter?

The chairs for the wedding matter because they affect the venue’s look. They will appear in your ceremony photos, and they can enhance the look of the space. 

But more than their design, they should also feel comfortable for the guests. You don’t want people fidgeting and constantly standing up during your ceremony. 



Was this price guide helpful? To recap how much to rent chairs for wedding, expect to spend between $1.50 to $8 where folding chairs are the cheapest, and the priciest is the Chiavari chairs. 

Remember also to rent one chair for each guest and then add extra. If needed, opt for packages with set-up as well to save time. 

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