How Much To Pay Wedding Ceremony Musicians

If you want to know how much to pay wedding ceremony musicians, expect a starting price of $500. We will discuss what to expect with standard wedding ceremony music packages and how you can save on costs when booking wedding ceremony musicians. 

You will also learn the etiquette of ceremony music. And if you want a memorable reception, you can read how much does it cost to have a celebrity sing at your wedding.

how much to pay wedding ceremony musicians


How Much To Pay Wedding Ceremony Musicians: Price For Wedding Ceremony Music


How much to pay ceremony musicians for weddings?

Ceremony musicians at weddings typically have an average price between $500 to $700. Depending on many factors, the cost to pay the musician can also be higher or lower. 

For example, will you be booking a solo performer to play the ceremony music, or will you get a trio or quartet? You also want to consider the type of instrument and how long the musician will play at the wedding ceremony. 

To give you some idea, a solo musician for a wedding will charge less, whereas a guitarist can cost $100 compared to duos that start at $800. String instruments such as violins and harps are also quite popular for weddings, where they can get as high as $1,000 and up, depending on the duration of the music performance. 

You can also consider a string quartet for the wedding. For these types of wedding ceremony musicians, some can go under $500, while others can reach $2,000 to book.  


What to expect from the price of live ceremony music

To avoid miscommunications with the ceremony music, ask the musicians about the inclusions in their total price. To get the most of the cost you’ll pay for the ceremony music; you should at least have the following:

  • Entire ceremony performance
  • Time for setup and breakdown
  • Equipment and instruments

However, it would be best to assume that musicians who need to travel and book accommodation for your wedding would charge you extra. You might also be expecting them to play at the reception. 


How to save on ceremony music cost

Most weddings recommend spending 8% of your total wedding budget on wedding music. However, remember that you’re only assuming the price of the wedding ceremony musicians, so remember to count the costs of the reception music. 

Here are some money-saving tips when finding wedding ceremony musicians:

  • Book the musicians during the off-season to potentially score discounts; Saturday is usually the day when musicians are fully booked and might charge more because of the busy schedule
  • Consider having a short wedding ceremony or opt for recorded music for some parts of the ceremony
  • Try newbies in the wedding music industry or check in your local music school
  • You might have friends who can play for the ceremony
  • Be realistic with the instruments you want according to your budget

If you’re a band or musician that’s invited to an outdoor wedding, here is how to play music at an outdoor wedding


How Much Does A Wedding Ceremony Singer Cost?

The average cost of a wedding ceremony singer will depend on whether they charge by the hour or provide fixed sets. Some singers can also charge $50 per song.

Depending on the couple’s preference, the singer at the ceremony will usually only perform during the processional. Then, they’ll have classical wedding ceremony musicians for the rest of the program. 

Paying for wedding ceremony music is worth it, but please be considerate of your musician. You might also score more savings if you’re paying for the reception music from the same performer at your ceremony. 


How Much Does A Violinist Cost For A Wedding?

Violins are pretty famous for the wedding ceremony, and the cost for a violinist to play your ceremony music can start at $300. Depending on how much musicians you have, a violin for the ceremony music can go over $700.

Some violinists also charge by the hour, so if the musician charges $150 per hour, it will only cost you $150 for a typical wedding ceremony. Some ceremonies don’t even last longer than 30 minutes


Do You Need Ceremony Music?

Wedding ceremony music is essential as it sets the mood for the union. You can also read about what is wedding prelude where it’s recommended to play music at weddings while waiting for the ceremony to start. 

If you’re tight with your budget, you don’t need to book musicians for the wedding ceremony. Instead, you can prepare an instrumental playlist as some parts of the wedding don’t even need ceremony musicians. 

Typically, the most important songs or music at a wedding are played during the processional and recessional. But for other elements, you can choose to add background music as long as your culture does not prohibit it, or it will be distracting for the ceremony. 


Do Wedding Processional Songs Have To Be Instrumental?

A classic wedding processional will play instrumental music. This way, nothing will take the guests’ attention from the people walking down the aisle. 

But in some weddings, the bride chooses her own song that she feels represents her best as she walks down the aisle.



Was this price guide helpful? You just learned how much to pay wedding ceremony musicians, depending on their number, performance duration, and instrument. 

Expect a starting price of $500, but some can go as high as $2,000. Overall, it’s nice to have music at the ceremony, but never go over 7% of your budget. 

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