How Much To Fix Water Damaged Wood On Sidelight: Best Guide

You will have to spend $200 to $300; that’s how much to fix water damaged wood on sidelight. Repairs are cheaper than replacing the whole frame, so it’s a good choice when you see signs of rot.

Fixing the wood is also easy. You just need some epoxy to fill in the gaps left by the water damage.

how much to fix water damaged wood on sidelight


What Are Wood Sidelights? 

Have you ever seen those narrow extensions at the side of an entrance door? Those are sidelights; they add a classy aesthetic to a home and allow more natural light to enter. Sidelights are a popular choice for homeowners because they make the entrance look bigger, making the house more inviting to guests.

However, these extensions aren’t immune to damage. The frames surrounding the door and sidelight are typically prone to water damage, so it’s essential to learn some repair tricks.


Signs Of Water Damage On The Door Frame

Usually, environmental factors like rainy weather can cause water damage to your door frames and sidelights. You must be vigilant for any signs so you can repair them.


1. There is crumbling wood

Water damage makes wood soft, so use a sharp tool to poke on your frames. If the wood splinters or crumbles, then it’s time for repairs.


2. The door doesn’t close properly

You have wood rot if you feel a draft or see that the door doesn’t close well. The damage affects the wood’s shape and warps it, so there will be some gaps.


3. Dark areas manifest

Mold and mildew from moisture make dark spots on your frame. Always check the parts closer to the ground as these are susceptible to rain exposure.


Step-By-Step Process On Fixing Water Damaged Wood On Sidelight

It’s best to do a home repair if the water damage isn’t too severe. All you will need is some epoxy to do the trick.


Step #1. Evaluate the water damage source

If your door and sidelights are directly exposed to the elements, you should consider installing a roof. However, if they are protected, and there is water damage, you may have a leak from your gutters.


Step #2. Scrape away the rotten wood

Use a paint scraper or a 5-in-1 tool to remove the flaky or rotted wood.


Step #3. Fill in the gaps

The best material for this is epoxy; shape it into your gaps and leave it to dry. It will finish in about 30 minutes. This filler is also anti-rot, so it will keep your door frame strong for a long time.


Step #4. Apply the finishing touches

When the epoxy is dry, you can sand it to match your existing door frame. Now you can paint over the different portions, and your door will look good as new.


How Much To Repair The Water Damaged Wood

The repair prices depend on the severity of the water damage. A small area like the bottom part of the door may not reach $100 for cost.

More extensive damage could cost $200 to $400; these are the prices if the door is still intact and unaffected by the water damage. If the rot reaches the main entrance or sidelights, they will need to be replaced.

The biggest expense is fixing the water damage source. Awnings can cost hundreds, and repairing leaks isn’t easy on your budget.

You will need professional help for severe water damage, and this will cost you more. The amounts change depending on your area, and some places have $250 plus as the minimum fee.


Tips To Prevent Water Damage On The Door Frame

The most essential thing you should do is protect your frame from water damage. Develop a routine and check your building exterior for weak points.


1. Do maintenance checks

Inspect your home exterior often and look for signs of water damage. These signs are cracks, dark spots, or peeling paint.


2. Seal the door

Check that your doors fit snugly into the frame to prevent water from entering the building. Remember that rot will warp the wood, so there may be water damage if your door doesn’t close well.


3. Regularly trim trees

Tree branches and roots can cause severe damage to your home. Make sure the roots won’t damage your structure and the branches are trimmed properly.


4. Check the downspouts, gutters, and runoff

Make sure your downspouts let off the water at least three feet away from your door. Gutters should be cleaned often, so water doesn’t build up and leak. Water runoff from the garden should face away from your home, especially the front door.


Will Insurance Cover Door Frame Repair Expenses? 

Severe water damage will come at a cost, so will your home insurance help you with your door repairs? It depends on the type of water damage you have. Your insurance coverage may include storm damage, overflow from an appliance, or sewage backup.

The sewage coverage may have extra cost on your policy, though. Gradual damage from leaks or neglect may not be covered by your policy, neither will flood damage. Remember, you can get a separate policy for flood insurance.

Your home insurance also doesn’t cover the leak source, if there is any. You will have to shoulder that cost. It’s essential to carefully discuss the policy with your agent and ask the help of a lawyer if you have concerns.



The main door and sidelights can be prone to water damage. You can take precautions and plan your budget when you know how much to fix water damaged wood on sidelight. Keep your home exterior safe to avoid too many expenses!

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