How Much To Fix A Water Damaged Window Sill? Amazing Guide

Factors like materials and labor can affect the cost of your project. You must know how much to fix a water damaged window sill, so you can start budgeting your expenses.

Several parts of your home can suffer from water damage over time, but the parts outside are the most susceptible. Your roof, sidings, and windows are constantly exposed to moisture. 

how much to fix a water damaged window sill

This article will show you how much you need to spend on your window sill repairs. Start preparing your budget!


Causes Of Water Damage To Window Sill

Weather is the primary source of moisture exposure for your window sills. Different phenomena like fog, snow, hail, and rain leave lasting damage on your frame. 

Areas with high humidity are also prone to water damage on window sills. 

Frames made of aluminum or vinyl might just have small stains, but wooden window sills can experience severe damage like mold growth if left unattended. 

Once you notice discoloration or a strange smell from your window, you must start repairing it. 


Should You Hire A Professional To Repair?

If you find stains and mold on your window sill you can try doing some D.I.Y. repairs. Here are some instructions on how to repair water damaged indoor windowsill.

However, it’s better to ask the help of professionals when the damage is too severe. If there is a risk to the structural integrity of your home, then call people who can fix your frames for you. 

You will be spending a little more money, but you can rest easy knowing the people working on your windows have experience.


Factors That Affect Window Sill Repair Costs

People usually overlook window sills and frames because they blend in with your window. However, these parts need special attention to avoid severe water damage. 

You need to plan your costs before you start your project. The material and amount of work needed can affect your budget. 


Factor #1. Type of material

Window sills can be made from different materials, and have varying costs when you repair them. The higher the quality of your material, the more you need to pay when fixing it. 


1. Wood

This material is the cheapest and the easiest to repair. You will only need to spend $175 to $300 per window for repairs. 

Wood is affordable, but it’s one of the materials that need constant replacing due to its porous quality. It can easily absorb moisture. 


2. Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the mid-level materials for window sills. These frames cost between $250 and $500 to re-glaze.

This material doesn’t need constant maintenance, so homeowners like using it for their windowsills. 


3. Vinyl

Vinyl is another low-maintenance material. It may develop some cracks with exposure to temperature changes, but you can quickly repair it with a fiberglass gel patch. 

This material costs between $300 and $600 to replace. You will have to pay per window. 


4. Fiberglass

This material also costs between $300 to $600 and it’s similar to vinyl.


5. Composite

This material is the most expensive one to repair, and it may cost you between $400 to $650. It’s more complex compared to vinyl or wood, hence its high price. 


Factor #2. Type of repair

The type of repair you need to do can also affect your overall expense. The lowest you can pay for hardware is $75, while the highest you can pay for rot is $700.

Here are the usual repairs window sills need:

  • Holes
  • Fin
  • Rotted sash
  • Hardware
  • Sash
  • Dry rot
  • Sealing
  • Rotted sill
  • Rotted frame

Here is an informative article that teaches you how to repair water damaged window frame for reference. 


Factor #3. Labor for professional repair

If you hire professionals to fix your window, you will have to pay additional costs for their labor. 

You will have to pay your contractors at least $65 an hour when they work. The job usually takes four hours to complete, so expect to pay $300 for the work your contractors will do. 

Procedures like replacing your window sill and painting are additional costs, so set aside some money for these.

Repairing your water-damaged window sill will cost you a lot of money, so choose good quality materials for your frame and always check that it’s in good condition. 


How To Prevent Water Damage To Window Sill

Now that you’ve repaired your window sills, you need to protect them from future water damage. This will prevent you from having to spend money on future repairs.

The best way to protect your frame is to seal it. This will protect the material from different weather phenomena, especially during winter.

Paint can make an excellent sealant for your sills, or you can buy a special sealer from your hardware store. 

Also, remember to clean any moisture you spot and put a dehumidifier inside your house to prevent stains and rot. 

Now your window sill will be resistant and not need many repairs. 



Window sills are one of the parts in your house susceptible to water damage. We may not notice it, but they get the most damage from moisture buildup. 

You must tend to this concern once you spot it. You can plan your budget well when you know how much to fix a water damaged window sill,  and ensure you protect your frames from future damage.

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