How Much To Clean A Mattress: What To Expect

The answer to how much to clean a mattress is around $150 or even cheaper. We’ll discuss what to expect with a mattress cleaning service and what affects your quotation. You’ll also learn how professionals do mattress deep cleaning. 

But why should you know how much to clean a bed? Here is how often you should clean your mattress and why it matters. 

how much to clean a mattress


How Much Does Mattress Cleaning Cost?


How much is a professional mattress cleaner?

The average mattress cleaning cost is $150, but several factors will affect your expected fee. For example, some mattresses will only cost $50 to $75 to get professionally cleaned, while some may require you to pay over $100. But if you’re only cleaning the mattress yourself, it might reach under $50 since you only need typical household items like a vacuum cleaner, baking soda, and mild detergent. 


Breakdown of mattress cleaning costs


  • How big is your mattress?

The size of your mattress is a significant factor in the amount you’ll expect to pay for it to get cleaned. Of course, the costs for labor and cleaning services for a king-size mattress will be higher than something smaller like a twin-size bed. So if you have oversized mattresses, allocate some budget for its professional cleaning. 


  • What are the required cleaning practices?

Mattresses differ in their materials, and some may require a more meticulous cleaning practice. The professional cleaners can charge you extra for the products and equipment they’ll need to clean your mattress. On the contrary, beds that won’t need particular cleaning practices will also be cheaper to get professionally cleaned. 


  • What do you expect from the cleaning service?

Cleaning services will usually give you an option to choose how you want your mattress to be cleaned. For example, cleaning both sides will be more expensive than only treating the top of the bed. You might also require professional cleaners to treat stains and odors. 


  • Are there extras?

Professional cleaning services are not only limited to cleaning the mattress. Some offer extra services at certain costs, such as stain protection or insect treatments. You might also be requesting service on short notice, which will add to your overall quote. 


How Do Professionals Clean Mattresses?

Cleaning services will differ in how they employ their cleaning method. However, they’ll usually inspect the bed first to know the ideal treatment for it. Then, they might start with stain removal and then use steam or water to sanitize the mattress before deodorizing it. 

If you’ll make an appointment for professional mattress cleaning, be sure to prepare your house for their arrival. The mattress should be free of all its accessories, and if needed, place it somewhere spacious so the professionals can use their equipment comfortably. You also want to select a dry and warm day for the cleaning, so your mattress will dry as efficiently. 


How Long Does A Mattress Clean Take?

The duration of mattress cleaning by professionals can take around two hours, depending on your chosen service. It can either be steam cleaning or dry cleaning, where the latter finishes quicker than steam cleaning that needs more drying time. You also want to allocate extra time for other services you potentially wish for your bed, such as stain and odor treatment or mattress sanitation. 

We have written a guide on how to steam clean a mattress if you have no time or extra budget to bring your mattress to a professional cleaning service. 


Does Professional Mattress Cleaning Remove Stains?

Trained professionals use different methods to remove mattress stains. They use unique products and equipment that would be safe for the specific mattress type you have. Some methods professionals employ for mattress stain removal include pre-treatment, UV treatment, special sanitation, steam cleaning, dry cleaning, vacuuming, and heat treatment. 

Do not hesitate to ask the mattress cleaning company some questions as well. Find out about the products and methods they’ll do on your mattress, as this will also give you some reading regarding their training and knowledge in the industry. And, of course, clarify any questions you might have with the quotation. 

Familiarize yourself with the common causes of mattress stains and know if you can treat them yourself at home. 


How Do Professionals Deep Clean A Mattress?

A professional deep mattress cleaning service usually involves steam cleaning the bed. However, this will depend on the type of mattress you have since some materials can’t be exposed to moisture. But to give you a quick idea of how deep cleaning is done on a bed, it starts with vacuuming, preparation, brushing, steam cleaning, stain removal, and then finished off with deodorizing. 


Can You Get A Mattress Dry Cleaned?

You can get your mattress dry cleaned as long as the mattress manufacturer doesn’t have any indications against it. There are dry cleaning solutions available for home use, but you can also ask your trusted cleaning professional to dry clean your mattress for you. 



Are you considering hiring a professional for mattress cleaning? In this article, we answered how much to clean a mattress, typically around $150. However, the final quote is affected by the mattress size, cleaning practices, expected service, and extras. 

We hope this article is helpful, and feel free to learn about DIY mattress maintenance using our knowledge base. 

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