How Much Space Do My Patio Heater Heat? 2 Amazing Options!

Are you wondering about how much space do my patio heater heat? Such heaters can commonly heat an exposed space of 300 sq ft; however, if you’re in a highly sheltered and enclosed patio area, the heater would likely heat a distance of 2000 sq ft.

Having a patio is a beautiful addition to your house that enables you to entertain your relatives and friends in the privacy of your backyard. The issue with making people happy outdoors is the temperature; as the day progresses into the evening, this area could become unwelcoming. 

how much space do my patio heater heat

So if you are interested in this article and want to learn more, keep reading it at the end. Below we have discussed the types of heart and their capacity to heat an area. Let’s have a deep look at it!


How Much Space A Patio Heater Heats

Is it preferable to use an electric or gas heater to heat a larger space? Whether electric or gas, Patio heaters are a terrific way to warm up spaces in your patio and offer many advantages. Let us just check at a few of their advantages and disadvantages, as well as how much space do my patio heater heat.


#1. Gas patio heaters

A gas patio heater is often the only choice; an electric heater would be out of the question if you did not have access to an external power source. This heater runs on butane or propane obtained from rechargeable gas tanks. Once ignited, a gas patio heater generates immediate warmth from an electrical fire. A reflecting surface is standard on gas heaters, which enhances the heat. This gas-powered patio heater will provide roughly 215 sq ft of heat coverage, approximately 20 sq.m of space. 

When utilizing a heater in a restricted, covered area, thermal loss and range are superior. Gas heaters get pretty hot and are inconvenient to use. They have a strong odor and, as previously said, emit a large number of toxic gases like carbon monoxide, which is highly deadly. A supply of ignition is required for a gas patio heater, which might be an issue if there is wind or if the ignitor is malfunctioning. Find out how to turn on a patio heater


#2. An electric patio heater

When it concerns warming your patio area, the gas patio heater is not as effective as an electric patio heater in its functioning since it has no bare fire and a quick on/off button. Electric patio heater has gotten much more energy saving in past years, using only $0.13 per hour on average. Compared to a gas heater, this uses significantly less gas. In an outside, non-enclosed space, these heaters may occupy approximately (27 square meters) 300 sq ft. In the insulated, shaded patio area, close to  (185 square meters) 2000 sq ft of heating coverage may be expected. 

However, utilizing an electric patio heater in a damp, unprotected location is never a brilliant idea since electricity and water need not mix. You must also be mindful that a power source is required, which not all patio area possesses. When placing an electric patio heater, clamp the cord securely firmly or protect it using anti-trip mats. Here are the 5 best electric patio heaters that you can check out!


Where Should Patio Heater Be Installed?

To obtain enough heat out of your heater, proper installation is one of the top things whenever you pick an electric or gas patio heater. These patio heaters must be placed in a location where people congregate, such as a lounge area, sometimes over a tabletop, so that your heaters heat up all around you. Even though electric and gas patio heaters possess such a specified coverage of heat, the temp decreases as you approach more closely to the heater. You might consider obtaining a second heater if you want to heat more space. 

This must be situated inside the heated area of the burner, towards the place in which the heat begins to fade, providing ideal heating coverage. Is a patio heater safe to use on a hardwood deck? On a wooden deck, the usage of a patio heater is frequently required, mainly if you reside in a region in which the temperatures might fall below acceptable levels. It s a good idea to put gas a patio heater on a wooden deck that helps you heat a large area safely.  

While using a patio heater on a hardwood surface, never leave it alone in a location that might become combustible. When you’re using a gas patio heater or one with fire, be cautious since a stray spark might cause severe destruction and put yourself and others at risk. Know how does a patio heater works.


It’s A Wrap!

After reading this article, we hope you will learn how much space do my patio heater heat. Keep in mind that you’re restricted by various criteria, such as the enclosure, the size of the place, the climate, the time of day, and so on. An electric patio heater is recommended if you possess an enclosed patio space. They are indeed the safest heaters, despite not having the most appealing appearance. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!

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