How Much Space Between Stove And Cabinet? 7 Easy Steps!

How much space between stove and cabinet? You must leave at least 24 inches to 30 inches gap between your stove and top cabinetry for you to work freely whenever you are cooking. 

Whether you are remodeling or are organizing your kitchen, I bet that you are excited to do it, aren’t you? Well, with that thought, you are probably wondering whether which kitchen component to place where.

How much space between stove and cabinet

If you are considering additional cabinets for your kitchen, it is necessary to know where to place them. It is especially true if you are trying to place these together with your kitchen stove. I would like you to know that you’ve made the right decision to read this article if you wonder how to organize your kitchen cabinets. This article will include tips and ideas in cabinet spacing, kitchen modeling, and anything that has to do with leveling up your kitchen, so stay tuned, and let’s get started.


Organizing Kitchen: How Much Space Between Your Stove And Cabinet

If you want to get the work done quickly and smoothly, you’ll need to organize the steps in remodeling your kitchen. But there will be no brain-racking this time since I’ll lay out the order for you.


Step #1. Clear the room out

If you are remodeling your kitchen, then you must clear everything out. First, you’ll need to create a space to place the new cabinets in. Next, take out the outdated and worn-out kitchen furniture. You may have to include the cabinetry, fixtures, or wallpapers in your kitchen. Again, you might enjoy this stuff, but it’s best to hire someone professional to do the job.

An experienced team of contractors knows about tearing everything down while avoiding the plumbing and pipes hidden behind the walls. But if you want to do it yourself, then make sure to turn the water off.


Step #2. Framing and plumbing

Since we’re remodeling the whole kitchen, let’s also go over your framework and plumbing details. In most cases, you’ll need to consider where the pipes are hidden behind the walls. However, this step is best suited for professionals to look at since it will be time-consuming.


Step #3. Finishing the walls

If you’ve inspected the whole room and no valid building codes, you can start finishing up the walls. The process includes finishing rough areas as well as painting them new. Add a primer to the walls to make them well-insulated. Accidents happen in the kitchen all the time, but with proper protection and prevention, these will be limited to minor and straightforward accidents only.


Step #4. Installing ventilation

If you are adding new windows or doors, make sure that it helps in keeping the kitchen well-ventilated. Having a well-ventilated kitchen can lessen the expenses in heating and cooling the room. It also helps prevent the spread of fire. You may want to read how do you vent a pellet stove.


Step #5. Cabinets and plumbing

Before you add the cabinets, measure them if they can exactly fit the area. Check if there are trims installed to make them fit exactly. If they have none, attach some. The gaps may cause more significant problems in the future. So, how much space between the stove and cabinet? While there is no spacing amount specified for the distance between the cabinets and the stove according to the building codes, it is best to leave at least 24 to 30 inches of space between the stove and the top cabinet.

The said measurement is also applicable to your kitchen sink, appliances, and cabinets facing the walls. So why is it important to have that much spacing in between? Giving a proper and adequate amount of space between the stove and anything in the kitchen could prevent fire and other hazards. As a result, it will become a safer kitchen that enables you to work freely. 


Step #6. New appliance

You can now add the extra appliances to your kitchen. This is where your kitchen starts taking shape—adding the refrigerator, wine chiller, or water filtration system.


Step #7. Install flooring

The last method is finishing things up with the installation of the new flooring. You may prefer to add wood or tile before adding the cabinetry, but you could interchange both steps.


Tips In Kitchen Spacing

Your stove is not situated at the corner of the room. Instead, it is always found sandwiched in between two cabinets. This is why it is essential to know how much space should there be between the stove and cabinet


Tip #1. Put the stove in the middle

Always place your stoves in the middle or between two cabinet sets. Never place them on the corner because it will hinder and minimize the space that could help you move around while cooking.


Tip #2. Leave ample space for countertops

If your counters are too small for either side of the stove, they may not look appealing at all. Again, it’s not only for the visuals but also for the work efficiency that allows you to work freely.


Tip #3. The ¼ inch gap rule

So, how much space between stove and cabinet? According to professionals, your kitchen will look more presentable and neat if the cabinets and stove have ¼ inch gap between them. In addition, it could elevate the overall look and feel of the kitchen. I’ve tried them, and they did work.



Now that you know how much space between stove and cabinet, I hope you can start with your renovation plan for your kitchen without any problem. Remember to have an ample amount of space in between your stove and anything.

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