How Much Space Between Sofa And Coffee Table

The answer to how much space between sofa and coffee table is up to 18 inches and the minimum is 14 inches. But before you go on with those numbers, please check the considerations when arranging the coffee table and couch together. Another thought worth mentioning is knowing how to use a sofa table properly.

Note that the coffee table is only among the types of tables we place near the couch. If you know how to use yours correctly, it will help you with the arrangement as well. 


How Much Space Should Be Between Couch And Coffee Table?

The space you should have between the sofa and the coffee table is a minimum of 14 inches and a maximum of 18 inches. This is the ideal range for the person sitting on the couch to reach for an item or whatever things you put on the coffee table. Having a 14 to 18 inches distance will also allow comfortable traffic and legroom to go in and out of the couch.


Factors to consider:


Room size

When identifying how much space between sofa and coffee table is needed, visualize your room to ensure that it won’t end up looking too crowded or have too much negative space. This means that you don’t want all the bulky furniture pieces concentrated on one spot only, but they should not be too far from each other where the empty spaces make the room look under-furnished. 

A trick is to use the right sofa and coffee table according to your living room space. For example, sectional sofas can still be used in small living rooms because they offer various orientations. Once you find the right type, know what shape of the coffee table goes best with the sectional to utilize the space efficiently.  


Table size

The coffee table should not be longer than the sofa itself. However, it would be best if you got something at least half the couch’s length for visual impact and convenience. The proper coffee table size will add interest to the room and enhance the corresponding sofa, and you’ll also have enough surface for decorations or holding items. 

The ideal coffee table dimensions depend on the room size and type of sofa. Knowing what size coffee table for a sectional sofa, for example, will help you adjust the space needed between the two furniture pieces. You might need to go over 18 inches or under 14 inches, depending on your judgment regarding aesthetics and convenience.


Personal comfort

The final consideration when deciding on the distance between the coffee table and couch is comfort and convenience. Remember that the living room is not only an area to provide visual appeal. It’s where friends and family hang out or even a place for relaxation when you want some me-time. 

Therefore, the coffee table should be far enough to help you get in and out of the sofa and have enough leg room when sitting on the couch, but also be close enough to help you place and reach the items over it without straining much. However, it’s worth noting that some homeowners only use the coffee table for holding decorations and utilize the end tables or decorate the sofa table behind the couch instead for their needs. 


Does A Coffee Table Need To Be Centered?

You don’t always need to have the coffee table in the center, but it is the optimal placement for most living room styles. The coffee table makes an excellent focal point because of its size, shape, or even color while allowing you to decorate it with other eye-catching pieces like small sculptures. The more unique your coffee table is, the more it’s suitable to become the centerpiece, especially in a huge living room. 

When shouldn’t you have the coffee table in the center? Narrow and long spaces will create several center points visually. Therefore, do not center the coffee table in the living room, but instead have it close to the sofa and chairs arrangement symmetrically or asymmetrically. 


Can Coffee Table Be Higher Than Couch?

The coffee table should not be higher than the couch because it will feel awkward to use for holding and getting the items over it. More so, having the coffee table elevated significantly than the sofa will look disproportionate in interior design. Instead, have the coffee table the same height as the sofa seat cushions or a maximum of four inches taller or two inches lower. 


How Much Clearance Do You Need Around A Coffee Table?

The coffee table should have a space of 24 to 30 inches around it. Note that this measurement does not account for other factors like the room size and other furniture pieces. However, remembering this recommended clearance around the coffee table will provide the most comfortable movement around it without making the area look cluttered.



Did you remember the key pointers in this guide? If you ever wonder how much space between sofa and coffee table, allocate 14 to 18 inches, and you should be good. This distance allows for comfortable traffic and still makes the living room look balanced. 

However, always remember to consider the room size, table size, and personal comfort when decorating the space with these two pieces. And that’s it. We hope you’ve learned some helpful tips in this article, so let us know if you have any questions below.


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