How Much Should I Sell My Mattress? 3 Top Things To Consider!

Have you ever asked the question, how much should I sell my mattress? To you who have, you may sell it for at least 20 percent of the original price.

However, the price may vary for several reasons, such as the term of use, cleanliness, and the like.

how much should I sell my mattress

Selling an old mattress is because you are going to purchase a new one.

So you wonder what to do with your used mattress – pops in mind: sell it!

Or maybe, you are not satisfied with what you bought and decided to sell it and buy one that fits your preference – assuring that you choose the right one this time.

Dear, if the question above lingers in your mind, then this article is for you.

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How Much To Sell My Mattress?

The question “How much should I sell my mattress?” typically raises a lot of considerations.

But before you may answer this inquiry, you must be aware of the processes involved before, during, and after selling your mattress.

In this section, we will look at the things we must consider to determine the price of your mattress and learn an appropriate method to sell it.


 #1. Considering the state laws

You cannot just simply post on the web or display such furniture to let the people know that you are selling it.

You have to respect and abide by laws for you to be a legal seller – I bet you don’t want to be a violator.

One state’s rules may differ from the other, but we will discuss some general requirements to sell a mattress.


Honesty tag

Buying a new mattress is provided with an information tag that usually explains the materials used to manufacture the mattress and that it is all new.

In selling a used mattress, the seller must also be explicit to tell the consumers that the mattress that is being sold is already used.

If there are damages such as stains, the seller must be honest enough to tell any buyer. 

Don’t just cover the impurity.

Sincerely tell the truth to your customer. This builds the trust and reliance of the buyer on you.


Sanitize the mattress

One of the legal requirements that one must consider – both seller and buyer – is the mattress’s cleanliness.

Who wants to buy a dirty and stinky mattress?

As a responsible seller, you must ensure the cleanliness of what you are selling.

There are ways to sanitize a mattress.

One of which is placing it under the sun.

This one is the best and traditional way to kill bacteria and fungi in your mattress.


Change the cover or recover the mattress

Some states require a seller to cover the mattress again with a new one.

You may want to make your mattress cover, in which profit may increase. 

If you want to cover it fast, you may order online or shop in supermarkets.

Just be sure that it fits the size of your mattress.


#2. Determine the price of your mattress

Now, if the makeover is done, then you may somehow easily decide the price you want for your mattress. 

Again, the price is generally at least 20% of the mattress’s original price.

But there are several things you must consider before deciding.

One of which is the period the mattress is used. 

If used for 6 to12 months, you may increase it to 25% – guaranteed that you have abided by the state’s laws. 

If it is just used for just a short time, let’s say, a month or two.

You can sell it for at most 60% of the original price.

Remember that mattresses are less popular as a second-hand product versus other furniture such as tables and chairs. 

They’d rather choose such furniture than mattresses as a second-hand product, so do a good job in pricing it.

Another thing you have to look at is the damages to your mattress. 

Very old mattresses are hard to sell, but if you insist, you can still make it good as new – you just really have to make a large effort to achieve it.

Mattresses that are 10 to 20% damaged may still have an appeal for customers.

You can sell it for at least 20% of the original price.

Those that are 40 to 50% damaged may still qualify in the market.

Some would purchase such for recycling purposes.

A 5 to 10% of the original price is appropriate to this case.

However, if you have done quite a makeover, then you may increase the price.


#3. Choose a place to sell your mattress

In this present age, most people tend to shop online rather than walking through malls.

So it is good that you advertise your product through the web.

If selling online, make sure to include all the descriptions of your product.

Some choose to see the product personally, so it is nice to display your mattress in a place that would allow customers to check the mattress’s condition.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to build a shop to display it.

It can just be kept in your house.

Live checking is convenient, especially for local consumers.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that the question “how much should I sell my mattress?” has been answered.

May you be well-guided by the writings above.

Thank you so much for reading up to this point.

Your time and effort are much appreciated!