How Much Should A Bridesmaid Spend On A Wedding Gift

If you’re unsure about how much should a bridesmaid spend on a wedding gift, we recommend going through two considerations. We’ll also talk about the expectations in this bridal party role regarding wedding gifts.

And for brides wondering how many bridesmaids are there in a wedding, please refer to our separate guide to know how many girls to propose to. It’s always helpful to know the expected size of the wedding party. 

how much should a bridesmaid spend on a wedding gift


How Much Should A Bridesmaid Spend On A Wedding Gift Reasonably?

The average wedding gift amount often spent by wedding guests is about $100. But as a bridesmaid who’s also a part of the wedding party, two factors can help you decide how much to spend. 


Consider your closeness to the couple

The first indicator of the amount to spend on a wedding present is your general closeness to the couple. Are they your best friends, or at least one of them is very dear to you?

Perhaps you are also a sibling of the bride or groom. Overall, assess how close you are to the couple because it will make it easier to decide on what you genuinely want to spend on their wedding gift. 

But what if you’re not that close to either of them? Some brides may include acquaintances or distant relatives to their bridesmaids, especially if it’s a big wedding

That being said, the amount, which is $100 and up from a close bridesmaid, can be lower. You can spend $50 to $70 on your wedding gift, especially if you’re on a tight budget. 


Compare with the wedding gift amount of the other bridal party members

The money to spend on a wedding gift can be the same amount as the rest or at least the average costs spent on the wedding party gifts. Talk with the other bridesmaids to get a feel of the average amount they paid. 

This will also help you know how low or high you can get. Sometimes, the wedding party might plan and share contributions to provide a single but grand gift to the couple. 

Instead of giving wedding gifts individually, it might be better for the financial capacity of each wedding party member to share a certain amount to buy or afford a fantastic wedding gift. This should eliminate the stress of deciding the cost to spend on the present. 


How Much Should A Bridesmaid Spend On A Shower Gift?

The bride often has a pre-wedding celebration called the bridal shower. In some couples, it’s also possible to hold a wedding shower, which is meant to celebrate both the bride and groom. 

Regardless, it is customary to bring a shower gift, and it’s even common to include gift opening in the activities on that night. That being said, how much should you spend on a shower gift as a bridesmaid? 

Again, you can compare the amount with other bridesmaids. But, ultimately, don’t feel the need to go over what you’re capable of if it will cause stress on your finances. 

A baseline amount of $50 should be reasonable as a shower gift from the bridesmaid. And if you’re curious about the other expenses, read who pays for a wedding shower


Do The Bridesmaids Get The Bride A Gift?

It has become a tradition for the bridesmaids to get the bride a gift. It can be a present during her bridal shower or a wedding gift.

You can give bridesmaid gifts on these two separate occasions, but it’s also acceptable that if the bridesmaid already bought the bride a gift for her shower, she can skip giving a wedding gift. The maid of honor might also talk to the bridesmaids and plan contributions for the bridal shower.

The gift can be the bridal shower itself tailored to the bride’s likes. And if you are limited on budget, consider asking and collaborating with another bridesmaid to get the bride a gift. 


Who Gives Gifts To Bridesmaids?

The bride herself usually gifts the bridesmaids. This is the same way the groom also gifts or gives wedding favors to his groomsmen.

The gifts for the bridesmaids are also sometimes given when proposing for them to take on this wedding party role. For example, it could be an accessory or jewelry that the bridesmaid can wear at the wedding. 


Do You Have To Give A Gift When Asking Someone To Be A Bridesmaid?

You are not required to give a gift to your prospective bridesmaid. However, the proposal will be more sentimental if you give that person something sentimental.

After all, you are selecting a few people for your wedding party. The bridesmaid is probably a best friend or sister who deserves a wedding favor. 


Do Bridesmaids Pay For Their Own Dresses?

Bridesmaids are expected to be spending on their own dresses, hair, and makeup. However, there are weddings where the bride’s parents also cover the bridal party’s expenses as wedding hosts.



Was this helpful? To recap how much should a bridesmaid spend on a wedding gift, it can be over $100 or as low as $50, depending on your closeness to the bride or the couple themselves.

You can also compare with the other bridesmaids to get an idea of the average bridal party gift amount. Let us know below how much you think is reasonable.

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