How Much Polyfill Do I Need For A Pillow

To know how much polyfill do I need for a pillow means asking yourself the size of the pillow you have. Remember that regardless of the stuffing you use, the first consideration when filling a pillow is its size. Then, you can adjust according to your ideal firmness and loft. 

Stuffing a pillow with polyfill is simple as long as you are prepared. You must be ready with the amount of polyfill needed, the pillow’s design, and the tools you’ll need for sewing and stuffing. Polyfill is cheaper than other pillow stuffings, but with proper use, it can feel as good as down pillows.  


Calculating Polyfill For Every Pillow


A pound or two for every standard-sized pillow

There are different pillow sizes in the market, which means the amount of polyfill appropriate for each pillow will vary. To give you a quick estimate, a pound or two of polyfill will stuff an 18 by 18-inch pillow or a standard-sized 20 by 26-inch pllow. A 14 by 14-inch pillow, on the other hand, can have 0.6 pounds of polyfill. 

You can use these estimates as your guide when filling a pillow, but you can always adjust to reach your ideal firmness or loft. Remember that you might need to remove or add some polyfill depending on the pillow or the pillow shape itself. Some pillows can have crevices, and you need to account for them when filling to get a snug pillow. 


Polyfill stuffing tip

A useful tip to remember is that adding more polyfill leads to a firmer pillow with a high loft that is great for support. However, some sleepers prefer something soft and thin, so you must reduce the polyfill you’ll use. You can also sew the opening shut after filling, but it will be useful to use a zippered opening, so you have an opportunity to refill or replace the stuffing later on. 

Once you’ve finished stuffing, try to lay your head on the pillow. You’re looking for having your head aligned with your spine, with your neck feeling supported. To avoid body pain and maintain a good sleeping posture, the stuffing should not let your head sink further into the mattress. 


Should You Use Polyfill For Your Pillow


Cheap, lightweight, and easy to clean

Polyfill or polyester fiberfill is a popular pillow filling because of several advantages. For starters, it is perhaps the cheapest stuffing option for pillow makers. And the good news is polyfill pillows even feel similar to the more expensive down pillows. 


Retains heat, short lifespan

The material itself is easy to clean and lightweight compared to other pillow feelings. However, the drawback with polyfill is that it is not as breathable as other stuffings. It tends to absorb body heat, and over time, you’ll notice polyfill pillows flattening or forming clumps. 


The solution

Polyfill is a cost-effective option for stuffing a pillow if you want something easy to clean, lightweight, and feels similar to down feather filling. But if you want to retain the form of the pillow longer, it’s better to combine it with other materials to avoid clumping or flattening. 

More so, filling pillows with a mix of polyfill and other materials will make them more breathable and moldable. You’ll have a customized and comfortable pillow that will maintain its form longer. Otherwise, consider having the option to add or replace the polyfill in the pillow. 


Who Should Use Polyfill

Polyfill pillows will be suitable for all sleepers, whether their position is on their back, side, or stomach. However, some positions, such as those that sleep on their side, will require higher support. Stuff your pillow with more polyfill to achieve a higher loft. 

On the contrary, stuff less polyfill on the pillow if you intend to use it for stomach sleeping. More so, the good thing with polyfill pillows is that they make suitable replacements for latex and memory foam pillows that some people may be sensitive to. However, remember that polyester pillows tend to produce some noise as you move around. 


Final Reminder When Using Polyfill

Overall, polyfill is an excellent option to make a pillow that feels as comfortable as a down pillow. It is cheap, lightweight, and easy to clean as well. However, it isn’t malleable, retains body heat, and tends to flatten and form clumps over time, so those that need to relieve pressure require adjusting the fill. 

It would be best if you considered having the option to replace your pillow fill over time or combine polyfill with other materials. This way, you’ll still have a moldable and breathable pillow that maintains its form for a long time. Remember that the best support comes from the pillow’s structure



Nowadays, you can easily make and stuff your own pillow, and polyfill is an excellent filling to consider. But how much polyfill do I need for a pillow? A pound or two of polyfill should be enough for a standard-sized pillow.

You can use this estimate as a base when stuffing your pillow and adjust it according to the type and size of the pillow you have. You want to achieve the right loft and firmness for support and comfort when stuffing a pillow. However, it would help if you also remembered the characteristics of polyfill when you’re stuffing a pillow. 


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