How Much Money To Give At A Chinese Wedding

Those unsure how much money to give at a Chinese wedding can consider five factors. We will also help you understand Chinese wedding traditions regarding the number of the amount to put in the red envelope. 

And speaking of Chinese weddings, you should also know the etiquette for your wedding guest attire. Here’s what to wear to a Chinese wedding for reference. 

how much money to give at a chinese wedding


Exactly How Much Money To Give At A Chinese Wedding


Consider your closeness to the couple

Much like any wedding gift, your closeness to the couple will determine the amount of monetary gift to give at a Chinese wedding. If you’re a family member, the amount you’ll give is expected to be higher than other wedding guests. 

But of course, every person’s financial capacity is different, and you’re not obliged to give an amount you cannot provide due to financial limitations. It’s acceptable if you can’t provide a significant amount, even if you’re friends with the couple or a relative. 


Ask other guests

Another way to know how much money to give at a Chinese wedding is to ask fellow guests. This way, you can gauge the average amount for the wedding gifts and decide accordingly. 

It shouldn’t be stressful to decide on the money to give because it will ultimately depend on your capacity. Whether cash or an item, your wedding gift should be voluntary and given wholeheartedly. 

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Estimate the wedding cost

If you’re feeling generous with the wedding gift amount, it can be as big as the amount the couple spent per guest for their wedding. This is an etiquette applicable to cash gifts at any wedding. 

That being said, a range of $50 to $75 is usually given by wedding guests to cover the food and drink costs at the wedding. For a Chinese wedding, some couples can spend $600 per table of 10 guests. 


Take note of unlucky numbers

When attending Chinese weddings, it’s essential to take note of the culture and beliefs. This is also applicable when determining how much money to give since some numbers are considered unlucky in China. 

For example, Chinese people believe that four is an unlucky number, so it’s best to avoid giving money with this amount. Avoid gifting a wedding gift money that has the digit four because it is considered inauspicious


Give an amount that’s a lucky number

If you want to give cash as your Chinese wedding gift, consider giving an amount that ends with 8. The number 8 is believed to be the luckiest number, and giving this cash gift amount will be associated with positivity and prosperity. 

Another way to know the amount of your cash gift to a Chinese wedding is to ensure that it’s an even number. On the contrary, avoid giving money in odd numbers like 3 or 5. 


What Is A Good Amount To Give For A Chinese Wedding?

An excellent specific amount of money for your cash wedding gift when attending a Chinese wedding includes $188. This is because the number 8 represents good fortune and prosperity in Chinese culture. 

You can offer any cash gift that ends in 8, and it should be interpreted in good light. The number eight is associated with prosperity because the pronunciation sounds similar to the word that means “becoming rich in a short time.”

But then again, your closeness to the couple should help you decide the amount for your wedding gift. Just be aware of the unlucky numbers if it’s a Chinese wedding. 


How Much Money Should You Put In A Red Envelope?

The red envelope is a gift of money inside a red pocket, typically given at Chinese weddings and other occasions. The red envelope is a way to send good wishes, but the standard amount to give should at least be equal to the cost of the guest’s meal at the banquet. 

If the average cost per guest in US weddings is around $127, then the amount to put in the red envelope can be about $130. If you’re attending a Chinese wedding of a couple in the US, this should be a good amount. 

But of course, the closer you are to the couple, the higher the amount you should put on the envelope. Between $200 to $300 should be appropriate for close relatives and friends.


How Much Do You Give At A Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony?

After the Chinese wedding tea ceremony, the parents usually give the couple lai see or red envelopes containing cash. The amount to be given is usually a symbol of good fortune; even gold jewelry is even given as a wedding gift to the couple. 



And that’s it! To recap how much money to give at a Chinese wedding, it depends on your financial capacity, closeness to the couple, what other guests will give, banquet cost per guest, and a lucky number. 

We hope this was helpful, but ultimately, you must educate yourself about Chinese culture to ensure that your red envelope does not represent something unlucky. You can also browse our blog for other specific weddings to know the etiquette for wedding guests. 

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