How Much Money Should You Give For A Second Wedding

 The answer to how much money should you give for a second wedding would depend on your closeness to the couple and budget. Therefore, the etiquette for giving gifts at a second wedding is somewhat similar to the first wedding. 

However, there are other considerations that we’ll discuss below since you’re attending a second wedding. And as an additional reference, here’s what is an appropriate gift for a second wedding

how much money should you give for a second wedding


How Much Money Should You Give For A Second Wedding

Identifying how much to give for a second marriage ceremony will depend on your financial capacity and closeness to the couple. Furthermore, monetary and physical gifts are not even required at second weddings. 

If you’ve attended one of the couple’s previous weddings, you are no longer required to give a gift to their second wedding. Most couples having a second wedding even request no gifts at their wedding ceremony. 


How to know how much to give

But if nothing is mentioned and you want to give a cash gift, you can compute the amount you think is spent on your drinks and food at the wedding. Alternatively, you can give the couple gift cards or certificates for experiences instead of cash. 

People who get married the second time are likely to be older and might even have most items they’ll need at home compared to younger newlyweds. Gift certificates for pampering or subscriptions for food items will surely be appreciated. 


Do You Give A Gift At A Second Wedding?

It’s acceptable not to gift the couple at their second wedding, especially when you already gave a gift at their first wedding. But like any other kind of gift, the gift for the second wedding should be voluntary and optional for the guests.

With cash or money, the amount you must give for the second wedding will also depend on you. Again, consider your financial capacity and closeness to the couple, but around $50 should be good etiquette. 

You can also give something smaller if you’re not close to the couple. Or, if they have a wedding registry, it’s better to choose from the items they listed. 


How Much Money Should A Couple Gift To Another Couple For A Wedding?

A couple attending a marriage ceremony of another couple can give a gift amounting to $100. This is from the etiquette of giving at least $50 for the wedding gift, so two people attending as one could have a $100 wedding gift. 

But of course, your closeness to the couple will dictate how much you give to their wedding. Giving a small amount is also perfectly acceptable if you’re financially limited. 

If you’re close to the couple, you and your partner can give $100 each as a wedding gift. But if you’re limited, split $75 between you for the cash given. 


Who Pays For What In A Second Wedding?

The couple themselves usually pays for the second wedding. Again, this is because they’re likely adults with income and enough resources compared to younger couples on their first marriage.

Traditionally, the bride’s parents pay for most of the wedding, but this is only expected for the first marriage. If it’s the second marriage, expecting someone else to sponsor your wedding would be unreasonable. 

You should also know that your spending is entirely up to you. If your budget is limited, choose affordable wedding options like a civil wedding or an intimate ceremony with fewer guests.

To help you prepare, you can read how to plan a second wedding


What Is An Appropriate Gift For A 2nd Marriage?

There are no rules on an appropriate gift for a second marriage. In fact, giving a wedding gift is even no longer expected. 

But if the couple has a registry, you can always select an item to give. Some couples having a second wedding may request no gifts, and they might just link to an organization you can donate to.

You can also go the sentimental way and opt for a handmade gift, especially when you’re close to the couple. Practical gifts like dinner reservations or travel tickets will also be appreciated. 


How Do You Handle Finances In A Second Marriage?

There are many ways to manage second marriage finances. Especially since the couple will pay for their double wedding expenses, open and direct communication is essential. 

Here are some tips for handling finances as a couple in their second marriage:

  • Consider equal contributions or healthy give and takes to avoid having one feel that they’re compromising too much
  • Make sure to discuss financial priorities and come up with a middle ground where both parties are satisfied
  • Update financial documents and accounts accordingly
  • Provide full disclosure of your spending habits and potential debts
  • Plan shared and personal finances and discussed how to manage them
  • Consider a prenuptial agreement
  • Check insurance and other life plans 
  • Create a financial goal to look forward to



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how much money should you give for a second wedding, which will depend on your personal financial capacities and closeness to the couple. 

Since it’s a second wedding, it’s not even expected to give a gift. But if you want a specific amount, at least $50 should be reasonable.

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