How Much Material For Curtains? Read This Amazing Guide!

Whenever it concerns setting up curtains, the basic issue you have to consider is how much material for curtain? This solution is contingent on the appearance You would like to achieve and the type of curtains You desire. 

The right amount you’ll require is determined by the sort of curtains you’re producing and their size. Using a curtain material calculator is a simple method to figure out how much material is required. 

how much material for curtain

Continue reading our post to find out how to figure out how much material you’ll have for any curtain installation. Varying designs and sizes differ in the amount of material, so understanding how to calculate them would save you money and effort. So without further ado, let’s get started!


How To Figure Out How Much Material Is For The Curtain?

Calculating how much material for curtain you’ll need to build your new curtains involves many processes. First, you’ve to determine the precise curtain length, which should begin at the rod placement. Afterward, you must decide if the curtains will extend entirely to the ground or will come to a halt somewhere in the middle.

To that stage, calculate. Then you add extra width because if the windows are 36 inches in diameter, you’ll need two panels that are 72 inches wide. Let for a seams space of 1 inch and a height allowance of 6 inches. Two 37 by 90-inch panels of cloth are required if the height is 84 inches. Because curtain material comes in 36 inches broad panels, the total amount of fabric needed for those curtains: is 5 yards. (180/36=5)


Calculator For Curtain Material

You’re fortunate because several curtain material calculators are available on the internet. Such tools make figuring out how much material a piece of cake for curtains. When dealing with several window sizes, it’s very simple to adjust the dimensions. There are many types of calculators for curtain material.   Simply choose the most convenient one for you, or utilize all to ensure that all are precise and produce the desired outcomes. They include a button that allows you to change in millimeters and inches.


Fabric For Curtains: How to Measure

You must use the rod to begin and conclude your measurements. Typically, many inches of material are required well above windows, and this additional material should be considered. Next, you use the rod once more when gauging for breadth. You need this since your curtains may stretch beyond the width of the windows, and you must account for extra lengths too.

Curtain materials are available in various widths, which is a plus in your favor. As a result, you may better plan your stitching and reduce your burden.  Keep in mind to include the hem or seam allowance in your calculations. Depending on the design of your curtains, these allowances might vary from one to eight inches. Finding the right amount of material you’ll have is extremely straightforward after you have done these measurements. You may also be interested to know about the types of curtains for your home.


Curtains With Extra Material

If you don’t purchase enough material for your modern curtains, you’ll have to make do with what’s known as extra material. The hems and topping facades are typically where these pieces of fabric go.

To hide them, they might be understitched. There aren’t any long and intricate formulas to determine the material amount you want; you simply have to calculate the size where you’ll be placing this extra cloth. Ensure you have plenty since you can simply snip off the extra. Extra material may be utilized to add width or height to the border.


For 84-inch curtains, how much material do you need?

If the 84-inch value is the length or the width, the number of yards would be calculated. Whether it’s the breadth and you’re working with a 96-inch length, you’ll require 7 yards of cloth overall. If you’re just constructing plain curtains without pleats, that is. If your curtains are that long, you’ll need 6 yards of fabric with a 40-inch breadth to do the job. These values are merely estimates because your width and length will vary, and you’ll have to add additional fabric for pleats. Remember that the lining dimension is not included in these samples throughout this text. You’ll need lining if you’re going to add lining.


Curtain fabric for 96-inch windows

Using the same calculation, if you choose a 96-inch length and a 36-inch breadth, you’ll need approximately 312 inches of material. You may wind four total yards of cloth if you divide it in half. Whereas if windows were 60 inches long and 96 inches wide, the overall yardage required is  6 yards or 204 inches. Simply use the calculators we provided you earlier to figure out how many total material yards you’ll have to produce your curtains.


It’s A Wrap!

If you don’t have much experience with arithmetic, a material calculator will help you determine how much material for curtain? These calculators provide precise answers and assist you in saving a lot of time and money. Anyways read this article carefully to understand it well. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end! You may also want to read about how to decorate curtains and how to measure and sew curtains.

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