How Much Kerosene Does A Heater Use? 3 Surprising Factors Affecting Its Usage!

You are going to get the answer to how much kerosene does a heater use after reading this guide. You know that energy is an essential part of our life whether it is solar, electrical, physical, or fuel energy. No one of us can survive without consuming energy from different sources in each minute of our life. 

That’s why we have to keep an eye on the amount of money we spend on buying the kerosene to light up the heater.

how much kerosene does a heater use

You must be among all of those energy savers who want to serve others by keeping a check on energy usage by the appliances in your home and that is a pretty good practice. Let’s read out this guide on kerosene consumption of a heater and you will be able to plan its buying and storage. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


What Is Kerosene?

Firstly, you must have an idea about the kerosene before knowing how much kerosene does a heater use. Paraffin or kerosene is an extraction of petroleum and is a type of fuel that comes as 1-K grade and red dyed. You can use both types in the heater after ensuring that it does not look cloudy instead of clear and transparent. Kerosene is a viscous fuel with high density and you cannot ignite it easily due to its high flashpoint. The term flashpoint refers to the temperature limit where a liquid starts to change into vapors. Thus, the kerosene is safe and easy to store without extra precautions. 


Kerosene Consumption Of A Heater

The fuel storage efficiency of a kerosene heater ranges between 1.2 and 2.0 gallons. We must have a clear idea of running time to figure out the usage of kerosene by the heater. For example, 8-12 hours is the maximum heating time of an average home? A standard kerosene heater can raise the temperature of a home including three small bedrooms and a kitchen. You can enjoy the warmth and coziness for the next eight to twelve hours if you will full the heater tank today and set it on low heat. The heating time can reduce to almost 6 hours if you are not fond of dry burning the wick. 


Kerosene usage of a monitor heater

A monitor heater operating on kerosene use one gallon per day to turn a cold place of 2000 square feet into a cozy and comfortable place. A monitor heater can also run on wood, natural gas, or propane. 


Good fuel increases the run time

We must pay focus on regular maintenance of wick and usage of high-quality 1-K grade kerosene to get better and more efficient results from our heater. Top-grade fuel also helps prevent the accumulation of smoke on the walls and furniture in the surroundings. 


Factors Influencing The Kerosene Consumption

Kerosene is not a cheap fuel and one must not careless while using it. Otherwise, your money will burn away with the flames of the heater. Scroll down to check out how much kerosene does your heater use and the factors influencing the usage. 


#1. Unit efficiency

 A heater with high efficiency and power burns kerosene more efficiently than a low-quality cheap heater. You must buy a heater with the maximum possible brand reputation and don’t forget to check the reviews on other sites. I will prefer reading the reviews of the best kerosene heaters on all the big marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. You can also learn the tips and tricks for maximizing heat generation from kerosene heaters using low energy.


#2. Heat setting 

Settings of a heater also play a key role in the kerosene usage by a heater. For instance, you will choose the high heat setting if you wanna stay cozy and just sit on your bed to binge-watch your favorite series. Alternatively, the low heat option will be a perfect fit if you are in the mood of cleaning or rearranging the wardrobe as these chores require constant physical movement. Thus, choose the setting according to your preference and mood to save or increase the bucks spend on kerosene purchases. You may also be interested to know about how to fix common problems of a kerosene heater.


#3. Position of the heater

You might be thinking that the connection is quite strange. However, you can easily understand this by the phenomenon that the heater not only requires kerosene to burn and provide heat. As the kerosene, vapors need to mix up with the oxygen for the combustion process. The oxygen ratio per cubic yard is quite low at the heightened locations. Thus, a heater runs out of kerosene more often than on the ground surface. Similarly, a propane tank of 20 pounds burns for 26 hours at the height of 4600 feet. Whereas, the heater runs out of propane in just 20 hours at an elevation of 6,500 because of low oxygen levels. 


Price Comparison Of Kerosene And Propane

Here is a clear idea about the prices of both kerosene and propane if you are confused between these two and wanna know the cheapest choice. Propane is available for 3.6$ and kerosene for 4.2$ per gallon. But we will still use kerosene due to its high flashpoint. 


It’s A Wrap!

How much kerosene does a heater use cannot be figured out through a hard-fast rule? Yet we tried to give you a guess about the average usage. Don’t hesitate to know these things too; read about how to start a kerosene heater and what is the best indoor propane heater.

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