How Much Is My Saddle Worth? 5 Best Features To Consider!

Judging a saddle and trying to identify its value can be a little tricky; so today, we are going to ponder on the topic, “how much is my saddle worth?”

There are many different brands and models of saddles, which contain distinct and valuable features.

how much is my saddle worth

These things can contribute to how much it’s worth.

If you love horse riding, then you must be familiar with this term.

We all know that a saddle is a padded or leather-covered seat where we sit on the back of an animal, usually a horse.

If you happened to own a saddle and wanted to sell it, then you have come to the right place!

This article will make it easier for you to gain a lot of knowledge regarding the value of your saddle.

So, why wait? Let us get on with the topic!


How Much Is Your Saddle Worth?

Like what we have discussed earlier, if you want to know the value of your saddle, there are some things you need to consider.

For example, checking the saddle’s condition will surely give you a clearer picture of how much it’s worth.

Well, better quality yields a higher value, do you agree?

In addition, you should know your saddle well.

It means that you need to know its brand and model, how long since you bought it, and just everything about it.

First, we will learn about the things that contribute to the value or worth of our saddle.

The following is all the information we have gathered on what to consider before calculating how much is my saddle worth.


Feature #1. Brand

There are countless brands, which have different features and levels of quality.

Some are designed to provide you comfort, while others consider the flexibility and fitting of your horse.

First, identify the brand of your saddle.

Then, try to look up the unique features that the brand has incorporated in the saddle.

For example, the Tucker Saddlery is mostly used for trail horses and is an acknowledged brand in the United States.

The company focuses on the durability and the comfort it could provide to the horse and the rider.

It is said that their signature feature is their multilayer gel cushion seat, which is made to absorb shock.

In addition, the saddle is composed of leather, flexible trees, and durable hardware.

If your saddle happens to have no indicated brand, then it must have a lower value.

This feature could contribute to the value of your saddle since different brands have unique attributes.

Furthermore, some saddle-producing companies produce higher-quality saddles that fetch higher values.


Feature #2. Model

It is somehow related to the previous feature since a single brand can also have different models.

The saddle’s model can be associated with the question, “Which type of activity will the saddle be used for?”

There are many types, and some of these are trail, roping, and horse racing saddles.

We mentioned the Tucker Saddlery brand in the previous feature, which is mainly used for trails.

It focuses on the comfort of the rider and the horse since this activity could go on for hours!

Now, imagine if the saddle makes the rider and the horse uncomfortable.

Then, they won’t be able to enjoy their trail ride at all!

Also, models can be referred to as something different from the type of saddles.

Brands also launched distinct saddles over time.

Though these saddles have the same purpose, a newly launched model can have better features than the previous one.

An example is the Circle Y Brand, which includes different models of treeless saddles such as the following:

3916 Just-B-Natural Black Diamond Barrel, Tammy Fischer Bling Signature Treeless, and many more!

So, better research about your saddle’s model and its unique features since different models also have different values.

And each of them differs in color, design, and other astounding features, which you should check out!


Feature #3. Age

Serial numbers are mostly incorporated on the saddle, which helps in identifying the age of your saddle.

An old saddle can be very rusty, pale, and its leather starts to fall off.

If your saddle happens to look this way, then it must have a lower value.

That is because over the past years that it is constantly used, its quality starts to degrade.

Also, some people prefer an antique touch in their properties, so you can also benefit from your old-looking saddle.

Moreover, riders do not only look into the age but also the quality and condition.

So even if it has old age, but it is maintained well, you will still manage to have a great deal out of it!


Feature #4. Unique attributes

Some saddle makers design their saddles to have the best quality among all brands.

They experiment on the parts of the saddle and how they could make it easier and comfortable for the riders.

Enhancing the leather quality, changing the components for more durability.

And other signature attributes of the saddle could contribute to its value.

Just like in the Tucker Saddlery, it includes a multilayer gel cushion seat for trailers.

Also, English saddles have knee blocks and thigh blocks, which are made for riders’ preferences in riding activities, such as roping or horse racing.

If you want to sell your saddle, you have a chance of making a great deal when it contains a feature that is in demand at the moment.


Feature #5. Condition

This one is an essential feature to consider when trying to identify the value of your saddle.

Since saddles are covered in leather, look for signs that it is starting to wear off.

Are the stitches still intact? Make sure that there are no missing stitches.

Saddles are also made of flexible trees, which contributes to their durability.

Check if there are broken or warped areas.

A flaw in your saddle can lower its value, so if you ever want to sell it, make sure that it can still provide the rider’s basic needs.


Wrapping Up

Well, I guess that is all! We have reached the end of this article.

These are all the information we have collected to help you understand the topic, how much is my saddle worth?

Remember that to assess a saddle’s value needs great attention to every detail since each of its features contributes to its worth.

We hope that this article helped you out!

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