How Much Is An EKG Without Insurance? 3 Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know!

Are you about to pay for your EKG but suddenly remembered that you are not insured and wondered, “how much is an EKG without insurance?” When you are not insured, the approximate fees you are about to pay an amount of about $3000. The price is higher than those with insurance since you have to pay the total cost, including the EKG and visitation fee.

However, an amount of approximately $3000 may vary, depending on the facility you are to take the test. But what is EKG?

how much is an EKG without insurance

EKG is an acronym for electrocardiogram, which doctors and health professionals use to check for any signs of heart disease or any adverse effects caused by medications. It measures the electrical signals of the heart that may show if there are any problems with your heart.

As helpful as it is, it may be costly because the price for this test ranges from an average of $500 to $3000. Overall, the average cost for an EKG without insurance would be $1500. This may still vary depending on various factors. Read on to discover the three facts about your EKG fees.


Cost Of An EKG Without An Insurance

EKG fees might be costly, but if it can detect any abnormalities of your heart and give knowledge about your heart that may cure you, then it is worth the price. However, the cost of EKG without insurance may be higher than what you expect. With that, here are the facts on how much is an EKG without insurance.


Fact #1. EKG test and analysis fees

The EKG test recommended by physicians is usually divided into two parts: the test and the analysis. During the test, doctors place electrodes on the different areas of the body, such as the chest, legs, and arms. As the patient is lying flat on the bed, the computer records the electrical impulses sent and creates graphs based on these signals. The test lasts for about ten minutes, and its cost may vary depending on the facility’s location where you took the test and if you are insured.

For the fees of the EKG test, the average amount may range from $500 to $3000. Some facilities offer a discount for patients with no health insurance, but one should qualify for it. Moreover, the patient may anticipate an amount of about $1500. With this high range of test fees, we recommend you get health insurance to cover up to 80 to 100 percent of your expenses.

Remember that the fees may vary based on the location of the facility and the type where you took the test.

For instance, clinics found in urban areas charge higher compared to those in rural areas. Lastly, some health care facilities charge the patients an additional fee for the test results. So, if you are not insured, you have to prepare a large amount of money to cover up the expenses.


Fact #2. Consultation fees

Medical professionals sometimes charge their patients a consultation fee. The cost for their consultation depends on the type of work and facility they are working in. When you consulted with a private doctor in a private hospital, except that the fees would be higher compared to public health professionals in government facilities. Without insurance, the visitation fee charged by doctors would be around $300 to $600.


Fact #3. Location and type of the facility

As we have mentioned previously, the fees for EKG without insurance would vary depending on various factors. The location and type of the facility you are about to conduct your EKG test are one of the significant factors that may affect your fees. If the facility is located in a rural community and supported by the government, then you may expect that the cost may be low.

On the other hand, if the facility is in an urban area but supported by the government, the EKG test and analysis charge would be higher than the public hospital in rural. Additionally, the most increased cost is usually on private clinics in urban areas, with an amount charged up to $3000. Also, remember that not every facility has the same range of fees for the electrocardiogram procedure and results.

Furthermore, some hospitals offer discounts of up to 35% for uninsured patients. The patient must have some requirements necessary for the qualification for the financial assistance program. Moreover, school athletic programs offer discounts for the students who need to test their heart health.

Thankfully, many organizations may help you pay your medical bills and provide discounts to uninsured patients, so you may want to check them out.



And those are the three facts on how much is an EKG without insurance. Paying for your EKG fees without insurance may be costly, so we encourage you to get health insurance as soon as possible. With insurance, you can help an 80 to 100 percent discount for your EKG test and analysis fees and only pay for the consultation fees. Keep in mind that an insured person will not stress too much for the expenses of their treatments and tests.

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