How Much Is A Vegas Wedding: Total Cost Breakdown

If you want to know how much is a Vegas wedding, it’s best to prepare around $20,000. However, the total expenses for Vegas weddings can be higher or lower, depending on many factors.

We encourage you to read this total cost breakdown to know what elements will take most of your budget if you want a wedding in Las Vegas. And for your guest, here is what to wear to a Vegas wedding

how much is a vegas wedding


How Much Is A Vegas Wedding: Sample Vegas Wedding Cost Checklist

The average cost of a Las Vegas wedding is around $20,000; sometimes, it can even go higher. But for simpler ceremonies, especially elopements, it’s possible for a Vegas wedding not to go over $12,000. 

Some places offer all-inclusive packages, ideal for couples on a limited budget. Nonetheless, it will help you know what factors affect the total expenses for a wedding in Las Vegas. 


  • Licenses and permits

Like getting married anywhere else, it’s essential to achieve the necessary paperwork and requirement to ensure the legality of your union. For a Vegas wedding, you must acquire a Vegas marriage license, but the advantage of Vegas over other states is you can also get married the same day you receive it. 

Otherwise, the license is valid for a year. Be familiar with the licensing requirements and costs by calling or visiting the Clark County Marriage License Bureau to know more. 

After securing the Vegas marriage license, you should also allocate a budget for the ceremony location and wedding venue permits. The price will depend on the place itself, but expect it to be pricier depending on the season. 


  • Officiant and coordinator

As noted by the Clark County Clerk’s Office, the wedding ceremony in Nevada must be performed by an officiant licensed in Nevada. Therefore, even if you know a celebrant, you will need someone licensed in Nevada to have your union recognized. 

The cost to expect for an officiant in Vegas will be around $250 to $400, depending on the simplicity of how customized you want the ceremony. And besides the officiant, you can also allocate at least $1,500 if you wish to be a Day of Coordinator for your Las Vegas wedding. 

While it’s possible for simple elopements not to need a Day of Coordinator, it will be convenient for some couples to have this vendor. They will help you with the various tasks for the wedding, and you won’t even need to spend as much as hiring a wedding planner.


  • Venue and reception 

Vegas wedding venues vary in cost, so it should be easy to find one that suits your budget but still fit your taste. Couples, on average, spend around $3,000 for the venue, depending on the size of the wedding. 

The more guests you have for your Vegas wedding, the higher the reception service. To get the most for your money, compare different places in Vegas and consider packages. 

Some receptions will include entertainment and food service, for example. This eliminates the need for booking and paying for other wedding vendors.  


  • Catering and drinks

If you have guests, then expect to spend on catering and drinks. You can consider around $100 per guest to know how much to allocate from your budget. 

You also need to pay for the wedding cake and alcoholic drinks, where the latter can get incredibly pricey, depending on your preferences or the venue itself. Otherwise, couples who elope in Vegas without guests can book a private table at a romantic Vegas restaurant of their liking. 


  • Accommodation

If you want the Las Vegas experience with your guests, you’re better off booking accommodation to have some days for roaming around. Compare different room rates or get a hotel block to save on expenses. 

You are looking to spend $120 to $300 per guest per night if you’re shouldering the costs. However, it’s also acceptable to have your guests pay for their own accommodations. 


  • Other expenses

Besides the primary Vegas wedding expenses noted above, you also need a budget for entertainment, photography, wedding attire, makeup, and flowers. Of course, you can always opt for simpler packages to save on costs, and the general formality of your wedding can dictate the total prices.  


How Much Is A Vegas Chapel Wedding?

After getting a marriage license, you can get married at a Vegas wedding chapel. The average cost of getting married in this venue can be anywhere from $50 to $100, depending on what is included.

The flowers, photos, outfit rentals, officiant, and witnesses can affect the rate of the Vegas chapel. For couples eloping, most chapels in Vegas supply one witness for your convenience, and the officiant will file the paperwork with the Clark Country clerk. 

If you’re interested in a quick and straightforward Vegas ceremony, read what is elopement wedding


Is Getting Married In Vegas Cheap?

A Las Vegas wedding can be cheaper than getting married in other states because some chapels with officiants can cost under $100. The marriage license won’t also go over $150, so the remaining expenses will be your attire, travel, and accommodation, assuming that it’ll be you and your partner. 



And that’s it! To recap how much is a Vegas wedding, prepare $10,000 to $20,000.

The type of wedding, venue and number of guests will affect the total costs of a Las Vegas wedding. Regardless, the ease and convenience of getting married in Vegas are often why it’s famous for elopements. Of course, you can always go with a more straightforward package if you’re limited with your budget. 

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