How Much Is A Pool Heater? 4 Incredible Choices!

How much is a pool heater? It ranges between five hundred and seven thousand dollars, alongside a medium cost of two-thousand two-hundred dollars. This price does not include installation and running costs. The purchase is best maximized by utilizing the spa and swimming pool for longer.

Swim despite the colder months without thinking of floating in an Arctic sea. A pool heater is always the best way to go.

How much is a pool heater

So far, you’ll find many pool heater types, ranging in the installation costs, features, & operational costs. Keep in mind some of the significant obligations below when using a pool heater to benefit more from it.


How Much A Pool Heater Is?

So, how much is a pool heater? Below are the basic pool heater types, running costs, installation costs, and ranging features:


#1. Electric pool heater

An electric pool heater fuels electricity to run in shaded or sunshiny conditions. It’s incredibly functional in a temperature that goes beyond fifty degrees. It draws outer air, and heats it to continue in the water. Its price ranges from 1,200-dollars to 3,500-dollars.


#2. Gas swimming pool heater

This heater utilizes oxidation that efficiently heats the pool heater and warms the swimming pool. While it’s not likable as an eco-heating option, it’s still proven effective in colder weather. It runs at the cost of 2,100-dollars to 4,800-dollars.


#3. Solar pool heater

The solar pool heater is indeed a budgetary and appealing choice. It operates uniquely using solar and runs it freely at 250-dollars.


#4. Electric resistance type of heater

This pool heater utilizes power through resistors that warm the pool but do not release the polluted air. It somehow uses a specific electricity amount in those cooler months. The prices can range between 1,900-dollars and 4,300-dollars.


Installation Costs Of Pool Heater

When selecting a pool heater, one significant factor is the installation price. It’s better to consult a professional. But, never consider any risk when you combine water and electricity. The paramount cost of installing a pool heater is 500-dollars and 1,500-dollars. But then, each heater type has its unique installation expense. For instance, a gas heater is still the most expensive to install. The cost differs based on the swimming pool contractor and location. If you intend to save money on a pool heater, always get the best possible price.


Operational Costs Of Pool Heaters

In addition to the installation and acquisition expenses, factor in the running costs into the budget. The solar pool heater is an appealing choice without fuel expense in operation. Nonetheless, they still have a pump to operate. This pump can cost like a hundred dollars every year in its electrical fees. The heat pump and electrical resistance equal 120-dollars every month for its power to operate. The gas heat pump is still the most expensive choice but will rely on the fuel type you intend to have. It can cost around 400-dollars and 600-dollars every month to operate. Here are the average pool heater costs.


Repair Costs For Pool Heater Types

Below are the repair costs to pay for each pool heater type.


#1. Gas heater

The majority of gas heaters no longer demand more maintenance but require more of it when compared to solar heaters or heat pumps. Especially in the later years, replace their components further. The worst-case situation is a burner tray and a damaged heat exchanger. The user of a winter cover helps extend the lifespan.


#2. Solar heater

This type is the least repaired as it is priced at a minimal cost. If a panel leak develops, so many ways are helpful to fix it. The solar panel lasted fifteen years and more before. The sun starts to break the materials down until they turn out brittle.


#3. Heat pump

This is very reliable considering its sensitive components and less circuitry than a gas heater. The worst situation on a heat pump is a compressor or heat exchanger fails. The fan bearings demand attention from the older models. The newer unit is a solid circuitry, but heat cover in the winter is a good decision.


Life Expectancy Of The Pool Heaters

Lots of factors can affect the lifespan of a heater. The heat pump or heater that buries under overhanging vegetation is damaged due to excess moisture. The use of winter cover is a bright idea, including a rodent repellent. Maintain the proper alkalinity, pH, including chlorine levels, to avoid damage to the heat exchanger. The solar heater has no issues until the sun breaks it down. Leaks, thus, start to develop. Know how long does a pool heater last


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how much is a pool heater according to gas pool heater, electric pool heater, solar pool heater, and electric resistance heater. It’s up to you what type you choose and if you can pay for its cost. However, don’t just mind the cost of the pool heater but other costs of repair, operations, and installations. After years of using the pool heater, it likewise demands repair and maintenance. So, be ready to spend dollars as the costs can be hefty, too. But no matter what charges you face to pay, remember that they are all worth it!

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