How Much Is A Horse And Carriage For A Wedding

The answer to how much is a horse and carriage for a wedding is it can reach over $500. We will discuss the price breakdown for horses and carriage costs for weddings to help you further decide if it’s worth it. 

And besides knowing the cost of a horse and carriage, you will also know how they are incorporated into a wedding and what to expect for this type of transportation. But for comparison, you can always read how to leave your wedding reception

how much is a horse and carriage for a wedding


How Much Is A Horse And Carriage For A Wedding?


Carriage rental cost

Using a horse and carriage is stylish for arriving or leaving your wedding. And the prices to expect for horse and carriage rentals can start at $500. 

However, many factors affect the price of renting a horse and carriage for a wedding. So it’s not surprising for it to go over $500. 


Before you rent…

Ask the company about the breakdown of the prices to avoid miscommunications. Some charge an hourly fee between $500 to $800, but others may be part of the venue package. 

The factors that affect the price for a wedding horse and carriage include your request, specific event requirement, travel time, and your location. It would be best to clarify additional fees for potential issues like the weather and how the refund policy works for renting the horse and carriage.


Where To Rent A Horse And Carriage For A Wedding?

You can inquire about NYC Horse Carriage Rides in Central Park if you’re from New York. You can also rent from the company if you’re in New Jersey or Connecticut.

As of this writing, you have to contact them to know the wedding price. Another option is in South Carolina, the Old South Carriage Company.

You can book a small carriage if it’s just for you and your partner or you can get an enormous carriage to carry the wedding party and guests. And if you want a venue as well, try Valle Vista in Indiana. 

They offer the “Bride’s Surprise Horse & Carriage Arrival” as an optional inclusion with their wedding venue packages. You can also get the “After Ceremony Carriage Ride on Our Grounds” for a stylish wedding exit. 


How Many Horses Are Needed For A Carriage?

The size of the carriage dictates the number of horses it will need. They can be two to four horses, but wedding horse carriages usually only have one to two if it’s only the bride and groom. 

Of course, if you’re renting a bigger carriage to have the wedding party with you, then expect that it will need more horses. It’s essential to manage your expectations based on your budget. 

Some couples might like the dramatic sound of hooves when they arrive or exit, so you’ll need to have many horses. However, it’s not about the extravagance of the horse-drawn carriage but the experience with your partner or closest friends and family. 


How Many Miles Per Hour Are A Horse And Carriage?

When discussing the horse and carriage prices with the company, one factor affecting the cost is the travel time and distance. Therefore, you must know that the speed of the horse-drawn carriage is affected by many factors. 

A carriage can go two to four miles per hour when walking. On the contrary, a trotting horse-drawn carriage can reach 8 to 10 miles per hour. 

Consider the horse, carriage, weather, and terrain to assume your travel time effectively. Then, don’t forget to talk with your coordinator regarding your expected time to arrive at the venue. 

Read where to get ready the morning of the wedding, so you can plan the distance to the ceremony venue that the horse carriage will travel. 


What to Know About Having a Horse And Carriage At Your Wedding

Besides knowing how much is a horse and carriage for a wedding, here are the questions you can ask when booking with a company:

  • Do you offer a package, or will we pay by the hour?
  • Is the operator fee included?
  • How long will the horses need to be prepared?
  • Where will we be picked up and dropped off?
  • What is the terrain type for the horse and carriage?
  • How’s the traffic along the route of the wedding carriage, and how will it affect the travel time? Is there an alternate route? 
  • Can we take photographs of the wedding horse and carriage? What is the permitted equipment around the horses?
  • If photography sessions are allowed, how will the time for the service hour change?


How To Include a Carriage in Your Wedding

  • Surprise your partner with it
  • Have a fairytale-themed wedding
  • Use it for the bridal arrival
  • Ride on it for the wedding exit
  • Use it for photography sessions around the venue
  • Transport guests in the carriage from the ceremony venue to the reception



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how much is a horse and carriage for a wedding, which can reach $800 per hour. 

However, some venues include it in their package, so consider finding a location that offers it for the bridal arrival and wedding exit to save on costs. Furthermore, discuss everything with the company to know what to expect and how to handle potential issues on the wedding day. 

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