How Much Is A Heater Core Flush? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Do you know how much is a heater core flush? If done by a mechanic, this service costs around 100 to 200 dollars. Your vehicle may have problems that can affect its heat work. If you notice that your engine regularly heats up so quickly or that you don’t see any heat, then it may be caused by a damaged heater core.

A heater core flush is a form of maintenance that must be performed to make sure your car will work well. 

how much is a heater core flush

The steps on doing this job successfully may vary with the model, make, year of manufacture, and country where you live. Nevertheless, heater core flushing is a kind of job that you yourself can accomplish if you are comfortable and confident in doing such. This article will look at what we have to learn about the heater core and flushing a heater core. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


All About Heater Core And Heater Core Flush

It may not be easy to do a heater core flush, but the truth is, you have to. You have two options to accomplish this task. The first one is to do it yourself, and the second is to ask for a mechanic’s service. Now that we have known the answer to our central inquiry, which is, “How much is a heater core flush?” let us now dig deeper into the details that will make us familiar with a heater core that will enhance our knowledge and skills in doing the heater core flush, or at least, hire the right mechanic. 


#1. Symptoms of a damaged heater core

It is effortless to diagnose a malfunctioning heater core. A heater core is a little radiator that uses the coolant’s heat running through it to warm your car inside. As you turn on your car heater, the hot coolant will flow from an open valve to the heater core. The construction of this device is straightforward, and it is not made of complicated technology; thus, it is prone to damage. A specific part is that the hose carrying the coolant through this radiator can become worn over time. 


Cold air

If you have been driving for some time already, and when you turned on the heater, you did not receive the air temperature you desired. Instead, you are slapped with cold air, which is an excellent indication that the heater core is experiencing some problems. If it is the heater core that has a problem, you would see that your car’s temperature gauge is displaying your desired temperature, and there seemed to be no problems regarding the car’s cooling system. You must investigate carefully because a heater producing cold air can also imply that your car’s cooling system is broken. 


Cloudy windows

Your car’s heater core may leak coolant. This will result in a mist of aerosol coolant from the heater, especially the defogger is put on. Then, what will happen is that the windows will be sprayed with residue that will look like a cloud or fog. Another cause of headaches and this kind of circumstance is the hardness of cleaning your car, particularly the windows because the residue sticks hard. Lastly, if you breathe in the coolant, this will be bad for your health, particularly for your lungs, when exposed for long periods since its composition is toxic. 


#2. How to flush a heater core

This job is often left to a mechanic because it is dirty. However, if you are one of those who love such works, you will surely be interested in the proper way to do it. The first thing that you must do is find where the heater core is, which is usually in the car’s firewall. You must see two hoses, one coming in and one out of the heater core. Follow the hoses until you reach the engine. 

Next, put a bucket under the car’s heater core. Detach the hoses from the firewall by squeezing the clamps holding them in their respective places in the screwdriver for you to lose them using pliers. The coolant should get drained into the bucket you placed underneath it. Make sure not to spill some of it because it is dangerous for the environment as well as for human health. Next, seal the air compressor with a coupler or duct tape. This will build up the pressure that will loosen any clogs and gunk. A 20 to 30 psi is enough pressure to get this step done. For at least 10 minutes, allow it to flush things from the system.

Now, you may connect the garden hose. Continue flushing the system with the water from the garden hose. Just let it wash until everything is clear. Hook the air compressor once again to ensure that the water gets cleared out and the remaining mist residue. After which, you can now reattach the hoses. You may use new clamps to reattach the hoses to maintain them. Lastly, refill the coolant with 50% distilled water and 50% antifreeze mixture. Just make sure to use the correct coolant that fits your car. Seal the radiator cap then you are done. It may be helpful to read about why my car heater smells.


It’s A Wrap!

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how much is a heater core flush. May the writings above increase your knowledge in diagnosing the problem with your vehicle and help you understand the simple steps in flushing your car’s heater core. Thank you for reading up to this point of the article. Your time and effort are very much appreciated. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to fix the heater in car and why does my car heater not work.

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