How Much Is A Cruise Wedding: Budgeting Guide

The answer to how much is a cruise wedding starts at around $1,500, but other considerations can increase the price of having weddings on cruises. So we’ve also included what to expect with cruise weddings, especially those offered by famous cruise lines. 

And if you’ve decided to have a cruise wedding after knowing how much it will cost to have one, feel free to read our guide for planning one. Here’s how to plan a cruise wedding for tips. 

how much is a cruise wedding


How Much Does A Wedding On A Cruise Cost?


What is the average cost of a cruise wedding?

The average cost of wedding cruises is around $1,500, but remember that there might be additional cruise costs. You can also check the wedding packages offered by different cruise lines to help you find the best value for money. 

Typically, the prices for cruise weddings are affected by the line you choose. And, of course, how you customize and what you want to add to the marriage ceremony will affect the cost of the cruise wedding. 

Another essential aspect to discuss in knowing how much is a cruise wedding is the extra fee for a legal ceremony. Expect additional costs for a legal ceremony because of the paperwork and license. 

Depending on where you’ll get married, the additional cruise wedding ceremony costs can be anywhere from $250 or higher. 


What to expect with cruise wedding packages

To get the best value for money with your cruise wedding package, know that a basic package should at least have:

  • Day-of wedding coordinator
  • Wedding planner
  • Wedding ceremony location
  • Priority check-in
  • Officiant
  • Wedding certificate
  • Flowers
  • Music
  • Wedding cake and wine


If you have extra budget, opt for add-ons or premium packages with the following for a memorable cruise wedding:

  • Wedding decorations
  • Premium flowers
  • Keepsake cake toppers or champagne glasses
  • Honeymoon dinner
  • Breakfast in bed the day after the wedding
  • Complimentary spa treatments
  • Private reception with cocktails and dinner
  • Wedding DJ
  • Lighting and dance floor
  • Wedding photography


Carnival wedding packages

One of the most famous lines for a cruise wedding is Carnival. Compared to other cruises, Carnival offers different packages for intimate, grand, and classic wedding ceremonies. 

Intimate packages range from $1,799 to $1,999, while the grand ceremonies start at $2,299 and Carnival classic ceremonies at $2,899. Intimate Gold is the most affordable Carnival wedding package that is good for ten guests plus the couple. 

What you’ll get are the following:

  • 15 to 20-minute ceremony
  • Private venue with decors
  • Officiant
  • Wedding planner pre-cruise
  • Cake and sparkling wine
  • Ceremony music
  • Canvas
  • Photography
  • Service charges with gratuity
  • Wedding certificate
  • Embarkation assistance


Disney cruise line

Couples who want their marriage ceremony on a Disney cruise don’t need to have a massive budget. On-board weddings start at $3,500, while upgraded celebrations are at $4,500.

The ceremony package is for 16 guests plus the couple; then, you’ll pay $20 per person for any additional guest. You can then modify your experience by choosing among Disney Wedding Services. 


Is It Cheaper To Get Married On A Cruise Ship?

Wedding cruises can be cheaper or more expensive than a traditional wedding on land. Some packages start at under $2,000, so it’s cheaper than a traditional wedding at $28,000. 

Of course, comparing a wedding cruise to a backyard or park wedding will reveal that weddings on cruises are pricier since some park and backyard weddings are free. You also need to include the expenses for the transportation to the port and the cruise itself. 

In general, expect about $10,000 for an enjoyable cruise wedding. Compare different cruise lines to find the best package for your needs and consider an intimate wedding to further save on costs. 


How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Cruise Ship For A Wedding?

Cruises vary in wedding packages, but in general, expect a budget breakdown that looks like this: 

  • Week-long cruise package for the couple: $1,500 
  • Transportation to the port: $700 for the couple
  • Travel insurance: $150
  • Cruise wedding package: $2,000

Some couples opt to have a legal marriage ceremony at home, such as a civil wedding. This way, they can save on additional costs from the paperwork of having a legal ceremony on the cruise. 


How Does Getting Married On A Cruise Work?

Some cruise weddings are legal, while some are not, and you’d need a separate legal wedding ceremony at land if you want a valid union. But, again, it depends on your chosen cruise line and the wedding cruise package they offer. 

You can choose to have a wedding ceremony and reception at a port in the US with a valid officiant to have a valid ceremony before leaving on the cruise. Alternatively, do a wedding at sea where your wedding will only be recognized at specific locations. 

What about a port of call wedding? Most cruise lines offer a ceremony in popular beach destinations like the Bahamas. Discuss everything with a wedding planner to complete the necessary paperwork. 

Here’s what you need for a courthouse wedding if you decide on a civil ceremony before hopping on the cruise. 



Was this budget guide useful? You just learned how much is a cruise wedding where packages can start to $1,500. 

Some cruise weddings are expensive, especially for a grand wedding with many guests. However, you can always pick a basic intimate package where you can select some add-ons according to your needs and budget. 

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