How Much Is A Church Wedding: Total Costs

Couples must know how much is a church wedding, which is typically around $200. However, many other considerations will affect the total costs of getting married at a church. 

We will discuss these factors in more detail below. You may also read about how much to pay a priest for a wedding since religious wedding ceremonies are only recognized if a religious officiant leads them. 

how much is a church wedding


How Much Is A Church Wedding: Actual Cost To Expect


  • Donation to the church

Unlike weddings held in private venues like indoor event centers, a church wedding does not cost anything. However, you will still need to allocate a budget because you will spend for the church donation. 

Regular church members can spend $200 for the donation or lower, while couples who are not members of the church they’re marrying in can spend twice or higher for the church ceremony. The type of church and place will also affect the church wedding cost, where small churches in towns can cost a maximum of $300 compared to more prominent places in cities at $700 on the higher end of the range. 

There are also larger cathedrals, so expect to pay higher than $700, where it might even reach $3,000. If you don’t know how much to donate, ask anyone you know who has been married in that church or talk with the church secretary


  • Additional church wedding costs

Besides the cost that you’ll give as a church donation for your wedding, take note that there are extra fees that you must cover. For example, you may need to pay the church for the musicians that will play during the ceremony, ceremony supplies like those used for unity, covering for guests if they need to wear them, and some churches even ask for a refundable deposit to ensure that nothing in the place gets damaged. 

Furthermore, remember that you need to dress up the church for your wedding. Read how to decorate a church for a wedding to know the dos and don’ts and tips to save on expenses.    


How much do I need to do to prepare for a church wedding?

All in all, you might feel more confident if you prepare at least $1,000 or higher if you’re planning on having a church wedding. This is assuming that you’re doing the ceremony at a small church because bigger cathedrals will, of course, cost higher. 

You must also prepare for the other expenses for the wedding, especially if you’ll have many guests. And of course, while the officiant won’t ask for any fee, you should still allocate the payment for them. 


How Much Do You Pay A Church For A Wedding?

Different churches in the US will vary in the average wedding cost. In addition, some places, such as historical buildings, might require payment depending on the duration of the ceremony. 

For example, some churches will cost $2,000 per hour, covering the set-ups, clean-ups, piano, furniture, dressing room, parking lot, kitchen, and even a day off coordinator. 

A gorgeous church to have your wedding in is the Middle Collegiate Church in New York City. You can rent the reception with three hours of event time for $1,050 or $2,000 for one hour if you want to have a set-up for the wedding ceremony. 


How do you ask for discounts for a wedding?

If you want to save on your total expenses for a church wedding, it might be possible to get a discount if you’re affiliated with the church you’re choosing. It can also be a family member such as you or your partner’s parents. 

The church may only collect the fees for the ceremony but include some free elements. The donation fee might also be lower than the expected cost if you’re a member of that church. 

If you’re already active in a particular church, consider getting married in that place. But if not, research about the different churches in your area because there might be those that offer affordable packages so that you can save on extra expenses such as for the music, set-up, and clean-up. 


Is A Church Wedding More Expensive?

A church wedding is potentially more affordable than other weddings, especially with clubs, halls, and rentable spaces. However, if you are on a tight budget, the key is selecting a smaller church because the donation for cathedrals might reach up to a thousand. 

Nonetheless, if you think about it, paying $1,000 for a church donation is still significantly lower than venues that you pay at an hourly rate. Even if you add the other expenses for a church wedding like the officiant, decor, or music, it still won’t reach the average $10,000 in wedding ceremony venues. 

And to ensure that your guests remain appropriate in this religious venue, guide them on what to wear to a church wedding.  



And that’s it! We just learned how much is a church wedding, which typically only consists of the donation fee and other ceremony elements like the musicians, ceremony supply, and the officiant. 

Some churches might also offer packages, so search for the one that has everything you’ll need to lessen the responsibility on your side. You can even consider getting married on the church you’re active in as the costs will be lower for members. 

Overall, church weddings are not as costly as other weddings. However, set a realistic expectation based on the place and church type. 

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