How Much For Wedding Cupcakes: Are They Cheaper?

The answer to how much for wedding cupcakes range from $3 to $8 per cupcake. We will compare the expected price when making wedding cupcakes versus ordering them to help you select the way to save more on costs. 

You will also find the cost difference between having wedding cupcakes and having a wedding cake. And for those who have already decided on the former, you can read our separate discussion on how to display cupcakes for a wedding

how much for wedding cupcakes


How Much For Wedding Cupcakes: Are They Cheaper Than A Wedding Cake?


How much does a wedding cupcake cost?

The cost of a wedding cupcake typically starts at $3 to $8. Therefore, your expenses for the wedding will depend on how many cupcakes you’ll order. 

It would be best if you also considered the flavor and decorations of the cupcakes because they can increase their prices. For example, a simple cupcake with a standard frosting costs only $3 to $5, while more elaborate decorations and flavors start at $5 to $8. 

Some say it’s cheaper to do cupcakes at a wedding because they are less laborious than a tiered wedding cake. And if you’re considering venturing into the wedding dessert business, you can even consider making cupcakes and selling them to couples who want such dessert than a cake.


What are the wedding cupcake prices?

It would benefit you to know how much are the wedding cupcakes, especially if you decided to sell them for your business. Typically, the wedding cupcake prices depend on the cost per cupcake per day you’re working. 

This will help you price your wedding cupcakes reasonably. For example, some bakers mention that 100 cupcakes a day will cost you $75, but many factors can affect this. 


Is making a wedding cupcake yourself cheaper than buying?

You can visit different local bakeshops for the price of their wedding cupcake. Then, compare the costs if you’ll make the desserts yourself.

Note that you will need to know how many cupcakes you’ll need for the event to compute the expenses for the ingredients. Typically, you’ll spend around $2 per wedding cupcake, which is a bit lower than buying cupcakes from shops that are about $3 to $5 each, depending on the flavor and design intricacy.  


Are Cupcakes Cheaper Than A Wedding Cake?

Cupcake prices can be lower than a wedding cake. Typically, how much a wedding cake ranges from $500 and up, especially for a traditional tiered wedding cake. 

On the contrary, a cupcake can cost you $2 per piece. In addition, you’ll likely serve cupcakes with other desserts, so you don’t need to count all the wedding guests.

Wedding cakes are also harder to transport and make, so they’ll have additional costs. But on the other hand, it’s easy to travel and display cupcakes at the reception venue. 

Another helpful tip if you want to save on the cost of wedding cupcakes, especially if you need many, is to buy naked cupcakes. Then, you’ll only need to learn how to decorate wedding cupcakes


What Is A Fair Price For A Dozen Cupcakes?

When comparing different bakeshops, you can check their pricing for their cupcakes to know which offers the best value. Typically, $27 for a dozen cupcakes is reasonable, assuming each standard cupcake costs $2.25. 

But of course, it’s fair if the cupcakes will be pricier if they come in a specialty flavor with intricate designs. You might also be requesting personalized decors if you’re giving the cupcakes as wedding favors, so their costs will be higher because of the added request. 


How Much Does It Cost To Make 100 Cupcakes?

The cost to expect if you make 100 wedding cupcakes yourself starts at $45. This is assuming that you’ll do standard frosted cupcakes. 

It’s also challenging to find a recipe for 100 pieces of wedding cupcakes, so it’s tricky to assume how much you’ll need to buy the ingredients. However, you can read how to make a wedding cupcake if you are interested in recipes that suit the wedding. 

This way, you can also visit your grocery and compute the cost of the ingredients. Then, compare the amount to the cupcake prices in your bakery to decide which will be most practical. 


How Many Cupcakes Do I Need For 100 Guests?

Cupcake prices depend on the number you’ll need and the type of cupcakes you’ll serve. And for a wedding with 100 guests, you can consider one cupcake per guest.

The same applies to any other wedding size. But if you have other wedding desserts or you’ll also serve a wedding cake, the number of cupcakes to order can be fewer. 

Talk with your partner to assume what sweets your guests would like to avoid wasted desserts. 


What Cupcake Flavor Is The Most Popular?

Popular cupcake flavors are easy to source and make, so they can also be more affordable for the wedding. Here are some beloved flavors to try and ask the prices when you visit your bakeshop:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Red velvet
  • Peanut butter
  • Lemon
  • Banana
  • Carrot 
  • Coffee 



And that’s it! You just learned how much for wedding cupcakes, which start at $3 to $8 per piece. 

Depending on the flavors, design, and number of cupcakes, you might save more on expenses with wedding cupcakes than having a wedding cake. You can even bake the cupcakes yourself if you can manage the time to further save on labor costs. 

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