How Much For A Western Electric Sewing Machine

The answer to how much for a Western electric sewing machine depends on the seller. This is because we found out that these machines are only available on eBay, where they range from under $50 to over $100. We will discuss them in more detail below to know what to expect. 

You can also read this guide on how to buy a sewing machine. It talks about the factors to consider to help you find the best machine for your needs. 

how much for a western electric sewing machine


How Much Is A Western Electric Sewing Machine?

Since Western Electric is a vintage sewing machine, it’s pretty hard to find one in the market. Therefore, you have to browse online marketplaces like eBay. But even then, it will be challenging to find an available Western electric sewing machine before it gets sold. 

The key is checking the details and photos posted by the seller. As with buying anything used, it is your right to ask questions to the seller for your peace of mind. It would be best if you also researched the specific model you’re buying to know what questions to ask. 


The challenge with buying an antique sewing machine

At the time of this writing, Western electric sewing machines are available between $38 to $125 on eBay. The cheapest one is an antique Western electric sewing machine with the Sew E-Z Motor model with serial number 2987715. For the low price, it has damages on the wood, the drawer won’t open, and the cord needs replacement. 

There is also another Western electric sewing machine on eBay for $125. According to the seller, it is a treadle sewing machine with light and motor in good condition. He will also include the original cover, manual, bobbin holders, and all the attachments. 


Who Made Western Sewing Machine?

Before the sewing machine was invented, only wealthy people could have more than one change of clothing. After all, they’re the only ones who can afford tailored clothes sewed by hand, so the clothes themselves are considered a luxury. However, the potential for the sewing machine market was recognized by Western Union, which had a reputation in the telegraph industry, and Western Electric, associated with the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T), also offered a machine. 

That being said, the National Sewing Machine Company, Belvidere, Ill made the Western Electric sewing machine, which only put the Western Electric decals on the sewing machines. But, then, the electric motor on these sewing machines is made by Western Electric, so they can also be credited. Sadly, the machine only lasted for a while before ultimately disappearing by 1918. 


What Is A Reasonable Price For An Antique Sewing Machine?

When buying an antique sewing machine, the price to expect can range from $0 to even thousands of dollars. A good middle point is $100, but there are still variables to consider. For example, you can’t expect a rare antique sewing machine to be as cheap as common antique models. 

Here are some tips when buying an antique sewing machine:

  • Talk to your local antique store as if you are selling the sewing machine to get an idea of the sewing machine’s worth
  • Be careful with immediately buying an antique sewing machine in marketplaces since some sellers offer their units at unreasonable prices
  • Always read the description and listing of the antique sewing machine, but be aware of potential inaccuracies and misleading information
  • Beware of price estimates in online auctions because some are designed to make them more enticing for bidders
  • Only get a professional valuation for the sewing machine if you don’t mind the extra costs
  • Refinished antique sewing machines will have lower value

How Much Does An Average Sewing Machine Cost?

The cost of a sewing machine can range from $60 to even as pricey as $5,000. There are different types, where the mechanical sewing machines are cheaper at under $100, while electronic and computerized models can be more than $150. To see which type to get, you can read about how a sewing machine works to understand what to expect with a typical sewing machine. 

Please consider spending on a quality model rather than something cheaper that might also not last as long. You can expect to pay at least $150 when buying from a reputable brand, but if you want a machine that is meant for industrial or professional use, then prepare to shell out $1,000 or more. And if you’re buying a sewing machine for a child, they can get started with a $60 model so that they can get a feel for it before you invest in something more expensive. 


What Is The Most Expensive Sewing Machine?

Janome makes one of the most expensive sewing machines in the market, and of course, reputable brands that have been in the industry won’t likely sell sewing machines under $100. Furthermore, machines with special features will always cost more and identifying if they’re worth it will depend on your needs and expectations. 



And that’s it! To recap how much for a Western electric sewing machine, it can range from $38 to $125. However, note that these are only based on what the sellers want in the platform eBay. 

You still need to do the research yourself to know if these prices are reasonable. However, we hope this was a helpful read, and please read this tutorial on how to set up a sewing machine. It will help prepare you when checking any used sewing machine as well. 


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