How Much Fabric to Reupholster a Recliner? Informative Tips

How much fabric to reupholster a recliner? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are trying to figure out how to get their old, tired furniture looking new again.

There are many reasons why you may want to consider reupholstering your furniture – it can be expensive and time-consuming buying all new pieces for your home, or perhaps you just love the feeling of something new and fresh in the space.

how much fabric to reupholster a recliner

Whatever the reason, before you start tearing up your old couch or loveseat, it’s important that you know how much fabric is going to cost so there are no surprises later on!

In this article, we will discuss how much fabric will be needed based on different chair sizes and how the fabric will be spread across those chairs.


How to determine the amount of fabric for reupholstering a recliner

When you are reupholstering a recliner, the amount of fabric needed will vary based on how many people will be sitting in it.

The average size for a chair is 22 inches by 26 inches; this means that if three chairs were upholstered with two yards of fabric each, six yards would have been used.

On top of this, there should also be an inch added to the length and width so that all sides can reach comfortably across the backrest without being too tight or loose. This adds another four-and-a-half inch or five more feet to your yardage total!


Benefits of reupholstering your furniture

  • Save money by using old, tired pieces that you may have otherwise thrown out or sold at a garage sale
  • Help maintain an up to date look for your home with new fabrics in fashionable styles
  • Have more time to do other things knowing that all of your furniture is updated!
  • We’ve already talked about how much fabric is needed based on chair size – but now let’s take into consideration the type of material as well.
  • When deciding which materials are going to work best for you we recommend considering these four main points: color, durability/comfort level, cost per yard, and whether or not it’s washable.


Tips on Choosing Fabric for Reupholstering a Recliner

Tip 1. Color: how do you want the fabric to look?

Here are some popular colors for reupholstering your furniture –

Brown (neutral). Red (bold and classic)

Navy blue or black (classic navy can almost always go with any decor style, while black looks great in a contemporary space).

Black is also an option if you’re looking to stay neutral but add a little edge. One thing to keep in mind when selecting this color though is that it will be tough to find extra piping/trim options since so few stores stock them!

If you have rooms where these pieces need updating as well then we recommend going with brown instead of black. 

Gold (classic and elegant)

White (clean bright, or calming pale colors like peach or gray). We also recommend going with a white fabric if you’re trying to stay neutral but add some warmth.

It’s difficult to find extra piping/trim options in these shades too so if your home needs updating we would go brown instead of white.


Tip 2. Fabric type: how do you want the sleeve content

Here are some popular fabrics for reupholstering furniture –

Velvet (popular choice because it adds additional comfort without requiring any more upholstery than typical cotton drapery )

Polyester (best for formal furniture like sofas) Polyester-based fabrics are the best choice for upholstering your couch if you want it to last a long time and be resistant to stains or fading.

They’re also easy to clean with just water, soap, and bleach – no need for harsh chemicals!

The downside is that these types of materials can look very formal on full pieces of furniture like sofas, but great for chairs as they typically have fewer design elements or embellishments.

If you choose to get polyester fabric in white, there’s still plenty of options when it comes to how much thickness/plushness you want in the final product; go thicker for more plushness (especially if you plan on using this in an area that gets a lot of use as the living room) or thinner for more formal occasions.

Cotton: Cotton is a natural fiber that’s also very durable. The downside to its durability, however, is that it can’t be bleached as much and will show stains more easily than other types of fabrics.

You’ll want at least 108″ (27 yards) for this type of fabric if you plan on doing the work yourself, but up to 150″ (38 yards) is needed if you want someone else to do it.

Vinyl: Vinyl is a synthetic fabric that’s used for its durability in high-use areas. It doesn’t need to be bleached and can take more abuse than other fabrics, but the downside is it can sometimes leave marks on furniture.

You’ll want about 150″ of vinyl for this cover alone if you plan on doing the work yourself, and up to 200″ if you want someone else to do it.

Duct Tape: Duct tape is a great option for those with smaller budgets or who just need something on the cheap. You can use about 12′ of vinyl at a time when using this as your fabric choice.

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