How Much Fabric To Cover A Sofa? Best Way To Estimate

The answer for how much fabric to cover a sofa will depend on your furniture’s size. Remember that sofas differ in dimensions, and you may need to allocate extra material for other features of a model. For example, you will learn to add more fabric to the measurement when making sofa arm covers for couches with rounded arms. 

In this short yet comprehensive article, you will discover the best base estimate to help you get the correct yardage for your sofa. We will also discuss some common FAQs about reupholstering a couch. And if you have some more time, give this measurement guide for sofa slipcovers a reading as it will help you more with estimations. 


How Much Fabric To Cover A Sofa

How Much Fabric Do I Need To Cover A Sofa?


Two yards per foot and one and a half yards per cushion

The amount of fabric yardage to cover a sofa is typically 12 yards. This material should be enough for a typical sofa around 6 feet long. You can add two yards per foot or one and a half yards per sofa cushion from this base estimate. 


One and a half yards more for a skirt and two yards for tufting

Do note that some people make the cover for sofa cushions separately from the sofa cover itself. In that case, your fabric yardage for the cushions depends on the cover style and cushion size. It’s also worth noting that you want to allocate one and a half to two yards of material for other details on the couch, such as skirt or tufting. 


Two yards more if following a fabric pattern

And finally, expect that you’ll need an extra two yards if the fabric you’ll use has patterns that you must follow. Remember that using a cover where you must match the designs is not as straightforward as using solid fabrics. You might need to make more pieces and then connect them; hence having two extra yards is an excellent addition to the required yardage. 


How Much Fabric Do I Need To Cover A 3 Seater Sofa?

Expect that you will need anywhere from 12 to 20 yards if you want to cover a three-seater sofa. The reason for this extensive range is because there are no standard dimensions for a three-seater couch. You have to measure the couch itself regardless of the number of cushions it has. 

What about smaller sofas? A single lounge sofa can require up to 9 yards, while a two-seater couch should be covered by 15 yards of fabric. Again, these yardages are estimates, and you might need more or less than these numbers. 


What Is The Standard Width Of Upholstery Fabric?

While there is no standard width of fabrics per se, those used for upholstery in the US typically measure 54 inches. With this in mind, you can expect to need anywhere from 13 to 22 yards of fabric, depending on the sofa type. A two-cushion sofa will require 16 yards, while a six-cushion sofa will need 22 yards if the upholstery material is 54 inches wide. 

However, it would be best that you still ask the shop to avoid issues with sizing. A yard of fabric can be anywhere from 48 to 110 inches wide. Take note of this buying tip, especially if you’re planning to cover a leather sofa with fabric where poor fitting from insufficient materials will surely be noticeable. 


Is It Cheaper To Reupholster A Couch Or Buy A New One?

It might be more reasonable to buy a new couch instead of reupholstering a damaged one. Remember that you have to pay for the material, its quality, and labor if you’re getting it done professionally. Reupholstery can cost $800 or more, depending on the furniture’s size as well. 

However, you can also reupholster a leather sofa as long as you are extra careful. You can save on labor and select the materials yourself. Those who view their couch as an heirloom might think that it’s worth it to reupholster the furniture because of its value. 


How Do I Choose Fabric For Upholstery?

Selecting the suitable fabric for upholstery depends on your preference and needs. For example, those who love lounging on the couch should use soft fabrics like linen and cotton. On the contrary, you might need polyester blended materials to save time during cleaning. 

Do consider not just the visual appeal, but if the fabric can also withstand your habits and lifestyle. 


What Is The Most Durable Upholstery Fabric?

You only need to check the double-rubs to know how durable a fabric is. For example, opt for a material that can withstand 10,000 to 25,000 double rubs to avoid premature wear and tear. This range is what you must expect for household furniture items. 

But if your sofa is used for commercial businesses, you will need 100,000 to 250,000 double-rubs. The higher the double-rubs, the more durable the material will be. 



Before you go fabric shopping, you should make the proper estimation for the yardage you’ll need. To recap this guide on how much fabric to cover a sofa, you will allocate two yards per foot and around the same amount for other sofa details. However, do not depend on these estimates alone as it’s always better to measure the sofa first. 


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