How Much Fabric Do I Need For Curtains? 3 Best Factors To Consider!

Do you wonder of “how much fabric do I need for curtains?”

Well, a curtain should be one and a half up to two times the width of the area it will be covering.

how much fabric do I need for curtains

It is a simple rule of thumb, but there is also some factor that you must watch out for like the weight of the fabric.

If you have a heavy type of curtain fabric, you can rest assured of the fullness that it can offer compared to the lighter ones.

The lighter it is, the more fullness is required, which is why you need to choose wisely.

In this article, we will be discussing some tips on “how much fabric do you need for curtains?”

So, without any more delays, let us get right into it!


Steps On How To Measure Fabric For Curtains

Curtains that you can buy from the stores maybe will cost you much for just a curtain.

But come to think that sewing curtains are easy even for beginners.

If you want to have a customized drapery, you must know how to measure the right amount of fabric you’ll need.

Here are the steps that you may take:


Step #1. Take correct measurements

So, how much fabric do I need for curtains?

It is undeniable that not all windows measure the same size.

There is no standard size for it, so you have to measure its length and manually.

You can do it using metal tape to measure from one side to the other (width) and from top to bottom (length).


Step #2. Estimate the length of your curtain

As per step number one, you now have the length of your window.

Of course, you do not want the drape’s size to be as long as the window only.

The next thing that you can do is add a few more inches to have your preferred length for the curtain.

Adding inches will let you have an allowance for the styling you prefer.

If you want to make it at floor level, you must measure the window’s distance to the floor.


Step #3. Determine the width

If you are to install a rod inside the window, you also need to add its width.

It is necessary so that the fabric that you will be using won’t fall short or will be too narrow for the desired area to be covered.


Step #4. Prepare extra fabric

Some people want to have headers and hems on their drapes, so having some extra sheets won’t hurt.

If you do not want to put styles, refer to the final length and width you have measured.


How Much Fabric Do You Need For Curtains?

There are factors that you have to bear in mind when getting a fabric to cover your window.

Here are the following:


Tip #1. Size

We are all aiming for great aesthetics when it comes to our home, am I correct?

The proper measurements of the length and width should be something you must have.

Either you will have it customized or store-bought, make sure that you have these vital measurements.

Through this, you won’t be disappointed when you install it.


Tip #2. Fabric

Since you have the correct length and width, the next thing that you should look at is the fabric.

It because every material has characteristics that have varied effects.

If you seek a drape that will be sunnier or lighter, then linen and burlap are some examples of fabric you might want to buy.

You must need heavy fabric for a darker room effect since it entails a fuller look and feel.

Warp and antique satins are some options that you can have.


Tip #3. Color

The color of the drape will indeed offer you advantages and disadvantages, so it is also a crucial decision for you.

Some colors will make your room darker, and others will make it smaller in appearance.

If you want a stand-out curtain, you should choose a color that is entirely different from the color of the wall.

For a blend-in style, make sure that the curtain’s tone is similar to the wall so that you can achieve the result you want.


Can You Use Any Fabric For Curtains?

There are different types of fabric that you can select from when it comes to curtains.

There are cotton, linen, wool, nylon, silk, and polyester.

Depending on your style and preference, you can have any fabric that goes with your budget.

Some may be affordable, but of course, you must not settle for less because it is your home that you will be decorating.



You have to consider your needs if you are to customize or buy a drape for your window.

The factors are something that you need to keep in mind before anything.

These kinds of fabric and color may come second since you need first to make sure the window size is covered.

Measuring it precisely and accurately will always give you the best results that you and your family will be happy with the outcome.

I hope you learned a lot through this article and good luck in measuring your drapes’ right length and width!

Thank you very much for reading about how much fabric do I need for curtains.