How Much Electricity Does A Mini Fridge Use? Helpful Information For You!

Are you wondering, “how much electricity does a mini fridge use?” Great, this article will be answering that question. Usually, your typical mini fridge can use about 55 up to 85 Watts of electricity.

Therefore, this measurement can significantly affect your monthly electric bill; take note. That’s it. I know you are very curious about these types of fridges. So, without further ado, scroll down and read carefully each information you get.

how much electricity does a mini fridge use


The Amount Of Electricity A Mini Fridge Use

Do not go anywhere. This section will be discussing the question, “how much electricity does a mini fridge use?” So, your mini fridge can have electrical consumption of about 55 to 85 watts of electricity.

This measurement will vary depending on the size and capacity of your refrigerator in your home. If we calculate per year, your miniature fridge can consume about 160 kWh or kilowatt-hour.

Then, if your area has an electrical rate of 15 cents per kWh, you can expect as much as 24 dollars every year for using your mini-fridge. Also, it is good to remember that you can minimize the electrical consumption of your mini-fridge if you can avoid it from periodical opening.

Whenever your fridge door is opened, the cold air that is generated will be lost. However, your fridge will eventually work up to compensate for the loss of temperature.

Likewise, it would help if you remembered the different classifications of your mini-fridge as it can affect the outcome of your electric bill every month. There are many types of mini-fridges in the world. They can range from about 1.7 to 4.5 cubic feet.

These models can also have an energy star rating on their labels. Also, mini-fridges in this class can use less than 240 kWh every year. Talk about energy saving! Unlike other conventional refrigerators that can consume about 420 kWh every hear, mini-fridges are better choices.

From conducted tests in typical homes, the yearly consumption of your miniature fridge with the size of 4.5 cubic feet is rated about 27 dollars. On the other hand, larger fridges, in sizes of 20.6 cubic feet, can cost you about 50 dollars every year.

Mini fridges have different energy ratings depending on their volume and capacity. Specifically, two cubic feet of fridges can consume about 100 kWh, costing about 12 dollars.

Besides, some mini-fridges are 1.5 cubic feet in capacity. So these mini-fridges can use about 70 kWh of electricity, costing up to 9 dollars. Lastly, mini-fridges in 3/4 cubic feet can have electrical consumptions of 50 kWh, which can cost you 6 dollars.

In the same manner, some mini-fridges have freezing spaces. If you do so, there will be an additional 1/5 electrical consumption on its rating. Indeed, mini-fridges can have varying consumptions rates of electricity. As a home buddy, you need to note all this information before buying the perfect fridge.


How To Save Dollars In My Fridge Electric Bill?

When you own appliances in your home, you have many responsibilities anchored to it, especially your fridge. In my home, my fridge is operating every day, every week, and every year – non-stop.

So, with this, I know how to take care of my food and my electric bill. Luckily, I have discovered some tips for your home to save some dollars off from your electric bill having a refrigerator.


Tip #1. Have a newer fridge

It is undeniable that you love your fridge as it keeps all your food and goodies for your tummy. However, some fridges are too old enough that consume incredible amounts of electricity. With this, you can go for a newer fridge and offer energy-saving features that can save your electric bill from going to the skies.

Some fridges have ratings on their front, for your information. Also, some refrigerators have inverters inside them. Inverters are great additions to every appliance in your home. This technology can save a lot of electricity.


Tip #2. Temperature and location

Place your fridge on the cool spots in your home. Never put them beside ovens, windows, or heating areas, as it can pump up its components to further cool up the entire system. Also, set your fridge at the best temperature possible, that is 4°F, and your freezer at -0.4 °F to save some electricity.


Tip #3. Check the seals

Assess your fridge if it has some leaks on its doors. Remember, if the cold air comes out from your fridge, the appliance itself will work up to compensate for the lost air, generating more electricity. Make sure that everything secured to keep the cold air from coming out.



Great! You already know, “how much electricity does a mini fridge use?” Your cute fridge might have varying electrical consumptions. Usually, mini-fridges can consume about 55 to 85 watts of electricity.

Also, it would help if you remembered that different kinds of fridges consume less or more energy than your mini-fridge. With this, if you are interested in reading more articles, go here. Thank you very much for reading! Share this article now!

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