How Much Does Wedding Stationery Cost

If you want to know how much does wedding stationery cost, most couples spend around $400. This refers to the wedding invitations and other wedding stationery like the cards used in the wedding. 

To help you manage your budget, we’ll also share tips to save on the cost of invitations and stationery below. But first, please read what is a wedding stationery since it’s essential to understand the different kinds. 

how much does wedding stationery cost


Here’s Exactly How Much Does Wedding Stationery Cost

The average cost or amount that most couples spend on their wedding stationery, like the invitation and other cards, is around $400. However, when setting a budget, you should also consider the type of stationery, how much you need, and the postage for the wedding invitations. 

Be realistic with what your wedding budget allows, and you can always get creative to save on costs. For example, you don’t always need a complete wedding invitation suite because you can include other important information for the guests on your wedding website. 

There are also ways to save on postage when mailing your invites. And as for the other stationery, you can make them yourself or recycle common materials. 


Average cost of wedding invitation paper

The price of wedding invitations is affected by the type of paper you’ll use. Therefore, you should pick the invitation material that suits your budget without sacrificing the formality and premium feel of your stationery. 

The most affordable invitation papers include parchment, linen, vellum, glassine, matte, and glossy, which are around $17 per 100 sheets. And for those with a budget, you can opt for papers over $20 for 100 sheets, which are felt cardstock and cotton fiber. 


Average cost of wedding invitation printing

Printing the invitations should also be considered when planning the budget for your stationery. However, for uniformity and practicality, you can have the same printing service for all your wedding stationery, not just wedding invitations. 

To give you an idea, the average cost of printing 100 pieces of stationery starts at $600 to over $1,000, where digital printing is the cheapest, while offset, thermography, and letterpress can go over $1,000. Engraving is also the priciest way to print stationery as it can cost double the price of other printing methods. 


How Much Do You Spend On Stationery For Wedding?

When planning the wedding budget and after determining the average cost of stationery, you must distribute your budget accordingly for the different wedding needs. It should be practical to spend 1 to 2% of the wedding budget on the wedding invitation costs and other wedding cards. 

You can also omit some wedding stationery, especially with big weddings. For example, if the information can be collected in a single card, you don’t need to print multiple inserts for the invitation suite. 

Escort cards at the venue might also be unnecessary if you have ushers at the wedding location to guide guests. And for the place cards and table numbers, you might be able to DIY them by upcycling everyday household items like jars and carboards. 


What Is A Reasonable Amount To Spend On Wedding Invitations?

It should be reasonable to spend under $1 to $2 for wedding invites via digital printing. This average cost should still provide you quality stationery without exceeding your budget. 

Furthermore, remember that you can’t go overboard with having quirky invitations as they affect the postage costs. Here are tips on how to save money on wedding invitations to help you further cut the wedding invitation expenses. 


How Much Does It Cost To Design An Invitation?

The designing fee for wedding invitations can be between $300 to over $1,500, depending on the number of invites, type of paper, and intricacy of the design. You should also know that the average price for custom wedding stationery is high and typically starts at $1,500. 

Understand that the stationer will include the production costs and the complexity of the design. So if you’re having a big wedding, you’re likely to go over 2% of the total wedding budget on the invites alone. 


How Much Should I Charge For Wedding Stationery Design?

Stationers sometimes offer semi-custom stationery for weddings. This means that the vendor will give you templates to choose from, and you can work with them to make it more personalized. 

Unlike fully-customized stationery, you can select from existing design templates starting from nothing. This saves on cost and time, especially for couples who don’t know what they want. 

The pricing for this happy medium should be reasonable, between $4 to $12. Of course, the type of materials and other requests can affect the final price. 


How to Save Money on Wedding Stationery?

  • List down the essential stationery to have at the wedding and determine if you can omit or make some of them
  • Use affordable paper for the wedding stationery
  • Make sure your invitations are standard to save on postage costs
  • Handwrite some of the stationery like the place cards around the venue
  • Print your wedding stationery at home
  • Hand-deliver your invites to the guests
  • Consider going digital for some of your invitation suite information



And that’s it! To recap how much does wedding stationery cost, expect to spend at least $400. 

The stationery’s type, number, and intricacy will also dictate its price. Therefore, you can save on wedding expenses if you select affordable paper and ask the stationer for their budget-friendly printing and design options. 

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