How Much Does Wedding Hair Cost: Average Prices

Those who want to know how much does wedding hair cost to budget their wedding effectively can allocate at least $150. This is the expected amount to pay for bridal hair, but different factors can raise or lower this price. 

We will discuss the average wedding hair costs below, including who should pay for the bridal hairstyle and her bridal party’s hair. Then, read how long wedding hair and makeup take to plan and schedule the wedding morning without hassle. 

how much does wedding hair cost


How Much Does Wedding Hair Cost: Bridal Hair Average Cost


Average cost of bridal hair

Brides can expect to pay at least $150 for their wedding hair as this is the average cost charged by a wedding hairstylist. Depending on the hairstylist, it can be lower or higher, but of course, expect that professional and experienced hairstylists should be compensated well. 

Like the wedding makeup artist, the expertise of the hairstylist will dictate how high they might charge you. Furthermore, always clarify their package, especially if you want the hairstylist to also do your bridesmaids’ hair for the wedding. 


Factors that affect the price of wedding hair 


  • Experience, professional tools, and products

A professional wedding hairstylist will charge higher than those new in the industry. If they’ll be using salon styling tools and products, they will also include it in the total price. 


  • Bridal party inclusion and extra staff

The intricacy of the hairstyle and if they’ll also work your bridal party’s hair, of course, mean a higher charge. Some hairstylists might also need to bring some people with them, so clarify if your package includes their payments. 


  • Touch-ups throughout the day

It’s even possible for the wedding hairstylist to charge by the hour, starting at $30. So if you want to have them in the wedding for longer for touch-ups throughout the day, plan your budget wisely. 


  • Travel and accommodation expenses

Some other factors worth noting are if the hairstylist has to travel and book a room for your wedding. Like other wedding vendors, they can also include their expenses in the total fee. 


  • Hair trials 

And finally, most brides prefer a hair trial run beside a makeup trial run. Check the hairstylist’s package if the fee for this is included in the final bill. 


How much does the wedding hairstylist charge for the bridal party’s hair?

The hairstylist may charge $100 or higher per bridesmaid. You also need to consider the time you have to prepare in the morning and if the bridal party is large. 

The hairstylist might bring some extra people to manage everyone’s hair on time. However, don’t forget that you also need to budget for their gratuity fee.


How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Hairstyle For A Wedding?

Expect a starting price of $100 to get your hair done for a wedding. Some vendors also offer a hair and makeup package for brides at $300, but this doesn’t include hair and makeup preparations for the bridal party. 

Overall, your wedding hair and makeup should never exceed 3% of your total wedding budget. Otherwise, you will need to compromise and adjust the budget for the other wedding expenses like the outfit or flowers. 


What’s A Reasonable Price For Bridal Hair?

Bridal hair can cost as much as $300, but $150 should be a reasonable price per person. You might be demanding an intricate hairstyle, prefer professional tools and products, or have booked the hairstylist on a whim during peak wedding season. 

Remember that these are businesses and your demands should be well compensated. But if you’re genuinely tight on your wedding budget, consider going to a newly-established salon or find a friend who can do your bridal hair. 


How much should you tip your hairstylist?

Check the package if your wedding hairstylist included their gratuity fee. If not, you can tip them 15% of their total payment, similar to other wedding vendors.

In some cases, you may not need to tip the hairstylist if they’re the business owner. Some say that it’s only expected to tip the wedding vendors working under someone else. 


Do Brides Pay For Bridal Party Hair?

The bride traditionally pays for all the expenses of her bridal party’s preparation. This includes the bridesmaids’ hair and makeup, similar to how the groom is expected to cover the costs of the preparation of his groomsmen.

But nowadays, it’s acceptable for the bride to request her bridal party to pay for their own hair and makeup. Just communicate your reason well and treat them with gifts to show your gratitude for their wedding attendance. 


Who Pays For The Bride’s Hair?

The bride usually pays for her own hair, or it can be included in the costs shouldered by her family. Sometimes, she might be gifted her bridal hair and makeup by another sponsor, or perhaps it’s a treat from the groom. 



Was this cost guide helpful? To recap how much does wedding hair cost, expect $100 to 150 per person. 

The bride is also expected to pay for her bridal party’s hair, so plan your wedding budget accordingly. Consider allocating 3% of it for the wedding hair and makeup. 

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