How Much Does Wedding Decor Cost: Average Budget

To know how much does wedding decor cost, it’s better to prepare about $3,000. However, we’ll also discuss the reasonable amount to spend on wedding decorations to help you plan your wedding budget effectively. 

We will also provide the ultimate wedding decor checklist, with everything you’ll need to dress up the wedding venue, reception, and tables. But speaking of tables, do you already know how much are wedding centerpieces

how much does wedding decor cost


How Much Do Wedding Decorations Cost: Budget Breakdown For Wedding Decors

The average cost of everything you’ll need to decorate a wedding is around $2,500 to $3,000. This amount can even reach more than $15,000, especially if most of your wedding decorations are fresh flowers that are not even easily sourced. 

Here are the expected costs for the decors you’ll need for the wedding ceremony, reception, and tables. Then, you can compare different wedding vendors to help you stay within your wedding decorating budget. 


Ceremony decors: starting at $200

The ceremony decors refer to the items and elements you’ll use on the aisle, altar, and even the seating at the wedding venue. You will also set a budget for the signs, programs, and all the wedding ceremony flower needs, such as those in the pews, aisle, and altar. 

Ask the venue for your wedding ceremony if they’ll include the decors in the package. You should also clarify if you can bring decors, especially in churches where some might limit decorating on the altar


Reception decors: starting at $1,000

The decorations you’ll need for the wedding reception will consume most of your wedding decorating budget. Therefore, a tip to save on costs is to reuse some decors in the ceremony.

You can talk with your wedding coordinator and decorator and discuss how they’ll transfer some decorations in the ceremony to the reception. For example, they might be the fabrics and flowers, so you only need to spend on reception elements like the lights, additional signs, backdrop, and station decors (e.g., gift station or favor station. )


Table decors: starting at $1,500

The decors you’ll need to dress up the tables in the reception will depend on the table size, the number of tables, and the general ambiance you want to achieve. Smaller tables shouldn’t look messy as you still want space for the guests to eat their meals. 

Floral centerpieces, ice sculptures, table runners, garlands, chair decors, table signs, place cards, menus, napkins, and dinnerware are why your table decors for the wedding can get pricey. Therefore, be clever and use other wedding items like wedding favors as your table decorations. 

Here is how to display wedding favors for the detailed idea. 


How Much Should You Budget For Wedding Decor?

About 10% of your wedding budget can be dedicated to the expenses for the wedding decorations. You can also consider taking from the 40% allocated budget for the venue if you’re tight with the amount you can spend for the wedding.

Another example is to provide 5% for the lighting and reception decor and 7% for the wedding flowers. Overall, don’t go over 10% because you want to prioritize the venue and catering money. 

The size of the wedding and the venue to decorate itself are significant factors when deciding on the budget for the decor. Therefore, please have a transparent talk with your decorator and be realistic with the amount you can provide. 


Why Are Wedding Decorations So Expensive?


Some are custom-made

Weddings come in different themes and styles, so your flower arrangements, fabrics, and other wedding venue elements are usually tailored to the type of wedding. It will take time to source and make them, so this adds to the total cost of buying ready-made decorations. 


You need many decors

Depending on the size of the venue, you may need multiple wedding decors to dress up the area. Another example is where you’ll put the decors where you’ll need more decorations to fill a banquet table than smaller round tables. 


It’s peak season

And of course, don’t forget that peak season has vendors offering services and items at a higher cost. So if the decors are in demand, then expect that they’ll be pricier. 


How To Save On Wedding Decor Cost

  • Reuse decors from the ceremony to the reception
  • Consider upcycling existing decors you have at home or those you used on other celebrations
  • It might be cheaper to rent than to buy some decors
  • Consider a DIY approach than buying ready-made items
  • Keep the decorating style simple
  • Consider cheaper alternatives on the decors (e.g., fake flowers over fresh flowers) 
  • Compare the packages offered by different venues (i.e., it might be cheaper to get the package that includes decorations)
  • Have a small wedding

Another expense to consider is hiring a wedding decorator. Familiarize yourself with how much is a wedding decorator as you also need to allocate a budget for this vendor. 



Was this price breakdown helpful? We just found out how much does wedding decor cost where you must prepare at least $3,000 or allocate 10% of your budget for the decorations. 

You will need different items and elements for the wedding ceremony, reception, and tables. Therefore, we hope you remember our tips to save on costs to manage your budget efficiently. 

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