How Much Does Valet Insurance Cost? Basic Overview And Information!

How much does valet insurance cost? Usually, the average cost of valet parking insurance runs between 37 to 59 dollars per month. However, the price may vary depending on the location and how risky it is. This article will show you a glimpse of information about valet parking insurance and its cost.

But first, what is valet parking insurance? Valet parking services offer clients the handy and often necessary convenience of parking their automobiles and retrieving them once it is time to quit an industry. Valet parking not only saves time and expenses that cars are kept in safe areas. It also allows those with medical problems to pass right to their target without having to walk entirely in long distances into and out of their parking facilities.

How much does valet insurance cost

Ports, resorts, private clubs, clinics, hostels, galleries, diners, commercial areas, and other service industry companies provide valet parking as a favor to their visitors.

There are many more things that you should know about this topic, so just read further!


How Much Does Valet Insurance Cost; Basic Overview

There are a lot of people wondering how much does valet insurance cost. The typical monthly cost of a conventional $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 auto insurance policy coverage for valet parking businesses ranges from $37 to $59 monthly. However, the said cost depends on the region, aid program, income, assertions background, and other factors. Thus, it may be different.

Valet insurance, like other companies, incur significant dangers. Most of these dangers are ubiquitous and apply to all business enterprises. However, many instances are specific to your field.

An attack of catastrophes, such as a tsunami or hurricane, might cause damage to your workplace or external facilities. Moreover, stealing and destruction can also result in severe financial losses. In addition, personnel may be involved in an accident when parking a car. Thus, this insurance takes place.


Valet Services Require What Kind Of Insurance?

You can determine the type of policy you should purchase to safeguard your valet service against any financial disaster using the specific conditions of your organization. For example, the sorts of commodities you possess, including commercial space and car parks, the number of workers you have, and the constitutional authority in which you function, are just a few of the factors that impact the forms of benefits a valet parking business should get.

However, you should constantly contact a qualified business insurance agent to guarantee the protection you demand. Here is a rundown of the essential types of valet parking insurance:


Insurance #1. Automobile keepers

This type of insurance pays expenditures incurred when you have robbed a car. Moreover, it also pays for vandalized and inadvertently damaged vehicles. Thus, this insurance is essential.


Insurance #2. Business assets

This type of policy can cover outside the estate, such as car parks and office buildings. It compensates for maintenance and servicing expenses in data loss, burglary, or environmental disasters. You may recoup a percentage of the revenue you lost after a catastrophic incident by adding worker’s compensation insurance. Anyway, you should know how to cancel flood insurance.


Insurance #3. General liability

To defend yourself against third-party civil damages and destruction of property professes to arise from deaths that occurred on your establishments or as an outcome of your operational business. Carrying general liability insurance is a must. If there are accusations or problems, this type of valet parking insurance comprises a vast amount of your lawyer expenses. I guess it’s helpful for you to know what insurance defense is.


Insurance #3. Compensation

This form of insurance will handle expenditures such as hospital costs and missed income if there is a damaged individual in the workplace. In addition, employees’ compensation insurance not only covers your valets in the event of an emergency when parking a vehicle, but it also safeguards your management employees.

With these types of insurance, the price of valet services is considerable. Thus, you must know how much does valet insurance cost. This action will help you in the future.


What Would I Need To Do If There Are Unwanted Damages Present On My Vehicle?

The first thing you need to do is to keenly observe and glance all over the place when you take your automobile from the valet. This step will help you determine if there are any damages or stolen pieces. If you believe the valet is to blame for any destruction, photograph it right away.

Furthermore, you will also have to gather the necessary information:

  • The valet driver’s name
  • The valet business’s telephone number
  • The relevant data on their insurance provider

If the destruction is substantial or severe, you should contact the authorities. However, this action isn’t always achievable since some police departments refuse to file a claim for accidents occurring in a parking garage.

On the other hand, an incident report can assist you in filing your complaint as it gives credence to your account of the events. Furthermore, you should contact your insurance provider and describe the situation to them a day after the event to help you determine who will cover the expenses.



I hope you learned something about how much does valet insurance costs and its basic information. This information will guide you on what you can do in the future. Thus, it would help if you remembered all things said above.

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