How Much Does The Average Destination Wedding Cost

The answer on how much does the average destination wedding cost is around $30,000 or higher. This cost for destination weddings can be affected by many factors, which we will discuss below. 

And if you’re curious, we’ve also compared if you’ll save more with a destination wedding versus traditional hometown weddings. Those who want the sign to go through with their plan can also read why have a destination wedding

how much does the average destination wedding cost


Here’s How Much Does The Average Destination Wedding Cost

The average cost of destination weddings can be as much as $30,000 or higher. However, many factors can affect the destination wedding cost, so you must understand what can increase or decrease it to plan your budget accordingly. 

Note that the average destination wedding cost does not include the expenses for the rings and paperwork, depending on where you’re from and where you’ll have the destination wedding. Therefore, some areas might be pricier than others. 


Factors that affect the average destination wedding cost

  • Type of destination wedding: consider how grand your want your destination wedding to be, as simple elopements and intimate affairs are more cost-effective
  • Travel and accommodations: since you’ll get married outside your hometown, you need to set the budget for the travel and accommodations; some couples might even choose to shoulder the expenses of their closest guests in these areas 
  • Duration of the wedding: some destination weddings span for several days, which means you must set an extra budget for other wedding activities
  • Wedding venue: most destination weddings are held in resorts or hotels that offer wedding pakaches and depending on the type you choose, some are pricier than others
  • Wedding date: identify when’s the peak season on your chosen location for the wedding since the busiest months, are also the priciest ones
  • Size of the wedding: big weddings mean you’ll need a bigger venue and more vendors to cater to your guests’ needs
  • Wedding coordinator and other vendors: consider finding local vendors in your chosen wedding destination so you can save on shouldering the travel and accommodation expenses of bringing vendors from your hometown


What’s A Reasonable Budget For A Destination Wedding?

Since the average destination wedding cost is around $30,000, setting the same amount for your budget would be reasonable. However, you can spend something lower than the average expenses if you know how to strategize your wedding based on the abovementioned factors. 

Here are some cost-saving tips for affording a destination wedding:

  • Consider having an intimate wedding ceremony with fewer guests
  • Tell the guests that you can’t shoulder their travel and accommodation expenses
  • Rent or borrow your wedding attire
  • Find a location that’s offering an all-in wedding package with potential freebies like room and dinner for the couple
  • Book your wedding during the off-season 
  • If going outside the country, be aware of the dollar to local currency exchange rate
  • Be realistic with the type of wedding you’ll have
  • Consider a civil ceremony at home and then have a destination wedding reception or have a destination wedding ceremony and do the reception back in your hometown
  • Shorten the number of days or events in your destination

With everything discussed so far about the average destination wedding costs, you can still have a destination outside your hometown despite being limited in the costs you can spend. If you don’t believe us, read this guide on how to plan a destination wedding on a small budget


Are Destination Weddings More Expensive?

The average destination wedding cost is about $30,000, which is pricier than a typical wedding that costs $28,000. Some hometown weddings might even cost around $10,000, especially with a civil ceremony and backyard reception. 

However, there are destination wedding packages that only cost under $10,000. This price includes the wedding legalities, some decorations for the ceremony, and even the photographer. 

You might even score freebies like a room and a dinner date with some promos. Therefore, it’s not fair to mention a clear winner on what is more affordable between a destination and a hometown wedding. 


What Is The Total Cost Of A Destination Wedding?

Besides knowing the costs to expect at a destination wedding, you can set your budget for this type of wedding more smoothly if you know what makes up the average destination wedding cost. How much do some factors take over the others and more? 

  • Travel expenses: around $4,000 plus $1,500 more for each guest if you’ll cover their expenses
  • Accommodation expenses: about $300 per room
  • Wedding vendors: $1,000 to $5,000
  • Wedding venue: $3,000 to $10,000
  • Wedding decor, if not included in the wedding package: starts at $500
  • Catering and bar: can go as much as $7,000


Is A Destination Wedding Really Cheaper?

A destination wedding can be cheaper if you find a value-for-money all-inclusive wedding package. Most wedding packages from hotels and resorts have an average cost of $4,500 only. 

But for guests, do not expect the couple to pay for your travel and accommodation expenses. Bring around $2,500 if you’re invited to a destination wedding. 



Was this discussion helpful? To recap how much does the average destination wedding cost, it’s around $30,000 and up. 

However, this doesn’t mean that destination weddings are always more expensive than traditional weddings. Some all-in packages are only $4,500, but the type of wedding is simple and intimate.

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