How Much Does Pregnancy Blood Test Cost Without Insurance? With 3 Helpful Tests!

Have you ever wondered how much does pregnancy blood test cost without insurance? Well, wonder no more because you just came across the right article to answer that for you. We can help clear the air for you and as well as other-regarding questions you might be dying to know the answers to. Starting a family is no doubt a big decision and a special moment to receive the big news of a baby on its way. That is why it is imperative to take reasonable measures. This test will not only confirm pregnancy but can reveal so much more. Let us proceed to the rest of the article.

Pregnancy blood tests are for pregnant women who want to maintain a healthy pregnancy for their unborn child.

how much does pregnancy blood test cost without insurance

This is to check what underlying problems there could be that would affect the mother and her baby. They should mainly be checking your blood type, Rh factor, glucose, cell counts, and hemoglobin. Most blood pregnancy tests take a few days to get the results, unlike the usual blood tests.

These blood tests are not necessary for pregnant women. Usually, suppose you have confirmed the pregnancy by taking a pregnancy test at home. In that case, you can have a visit to your ob-gyn eight weeks after your last menstrual period for a transvaginal ultrasound. Around that time, your ob-gyn can officially confirm your pregnancy. Blood tests can also serve as a safe alternative for those who took multiple urine tests and received different results. So, how much does pregnancy blood test cost without insurance?


How Much Does Pregnancy Blood Test Cost Without insurance?

So you want to know how much a pregnancy blood test costs without insurance? You got yourself into a pickle there. Lab testing without insurance is very costly. The price could range from somewhere between $100 to over $1000. But of course, the price will vary depending on your location, type of test, and health care provider. Again, blood pregnancy tests are not necessary, especially for those who are only anticipating a pregnancy.

You can quickly get a urine pregnancy test that is generally inexpensive and test yourself first. The same goes for those already pregnant; you may or may not consider taking a pregnancy blood test.


What Should I Know About These Blood Tests?

For this to work, there are two types of blood tests done during pregnancy. Although if complications arise, the doctor may suggest follow-up tests to monitor the situation, which should be perfectly safe for you and the baby.


#1. Quantitative blood test

This type of pregnancy blood test is also called hCG testing or beta hCG. Read here to know about what is hCG. This blood test measures the amount of hCG in the blood sample. This information can help the doctor estimate how far along the mother is in her pregnancy.


#2. Qualitative blood test

This type of pregnancy blood test only checks if there is a presence of hCG in the blood sample. This procedure may be used to confirm pregnancy for those who have inaccurate results despite taking multiple urine pregnancy tests. This blood test is just about as accurate as a home urine pregnancy test but is also considered more reliable.


What Other Tests Can Be Taken During Pregnancy?

Every parent is encouraged to be fully financially prepared before deciding on raising a child. The beginning already has a lot of costs to ensure to maintain their health. For the reassurance of healthy birth and a healthy baby, there are multiple tests available to monitor this. Here are the other tests that you can take to further assess how your pregnancy is going.


#1. Physical exam

This test can be taken during your prenatal stage. There will be a lot of questions about your health and family history. They will need to be thorough with it so your full cooperation will be greatly appreciated. The information given will let the doctor know are any inherited genetic disorder needs to be looked out for. If you have had any history about your lower regions during your preteen or teenage years, you will also need to bring that up with your doctor.


#2. Pelvic exam

During your first trimester, a pelvic exam will be conducted. Expect them also to do a pap smear, this procedure is how they check the health of your cervical cells. This testing can detect signs of cervical cancer and possibly some sexually transmitted disease.


#3. Noninvasive prenatal testing

This test can be done even in the early 10 weeks of pregnancy. This test requires a blood sample from the expecting mother and measures the amount of free fetal DNA. This test is told to detect about 99% of all Down syndrome pregnancies and other abnormalities related to chromosomes. For more additional information, read on the common tests during pregnancy. 



That’s it! You already know how much does pregnancy blood test cost without insurance. The cost of a pregnancy blood test without insurance is in the price range for financially slightly above average. Best to secure insurance as early as possible for the case that you will need to take the test. For more insurance articles, read on how much are allergy shots without insurance and how much is a Tonsillectomy with insurance. Thank you for reading!

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