How Much Does It Cost To Run A Window Air Conditioner? Astonishing Facts To Know!

Are you asking yourself how much does it cost to run a window air conditioner? You should not worry, friend! This article will be answering that question. Your air conditioner might cost from $0.065 to $0.195 per hour, depending on their BTU or British Thermal Unit and wattage. I know you are very curious regarding this topic. So, without further ado, scroll down and enjoy reading the article.


how much does it cost to run a window air conditioner

The Cost To Run A Window Air Conditioner

The question, “how much does it cost to run a window air conditioner?” will be straightforward as this article will be discussing it briefly. In buying air conditioners, you already know that they can add the cost to your electric bill. Air conditioners are bought between $130 to $500 depending on the model, size, and capacity of cooling your home.

The electric bill produced by your home can vary significantly from country to country and state to state. In the USA, the average electricity rate is $0.13 per kWh or kilowatt-hour. All air conditioners have different electricity ratings depending on the intensity of your use. Typically, air conditioners can consume about seven up to twenty cents per hour.

This rate is influenced by the British Thermal Unit or BTU consumption and wattage. Also, the electrical rate of your window air conditioner can increase if you incremental use every day. In particular, window air conditioners that are rated 5000 BTU can cost around $0.065 per hour. In the same manner, 8000 BTU-rated air conditioners can run at $0.085 hourly.

Also, window air conditioners with 10 000 BTU rating have rates at $0.117 per hour. For air conditioners with a 12 000 BTU can cost around $0.143 per hour. Lastly, 15 000 BTU window air conditioners can cost you $0.195 per hour. Generally, window air conditioners can run $15 to $40 monthly. However, the rating itself can vary depending on the number of hours you use your air conditioner.

In monthly ratings, 5000 BTU air conditioners can cost around $16 per month; 8000 BTU air conditioners have ratings at $20 monthly. On the other hand, 10000 BTU window air conditioners can cost about $26 per month; 12 000 BTU air conditioners have ratings at $34 monthly.

The highest cost for monthly consumption is a 15 000 BTU-rated air conditioner that costs around $47 per month. Suppose you have other air conditioners that are out in this range. In that case, you can use a specific formula in calculating the cost. For the formula, you need to multiply the wattage of the air conditioner, the hours of use, and the kWh rating of your area.

Then, divide the cost by 1000. In short, (Watts * hours of use * kWh) / 1000. For example, if I have an air conditioner with 500 watts and a rate of 0.13 kWh. After that, I used the cooling appliance for about an hour. After that, the rate would be $0.065 per hour.


How Can I Save Money While I Have My Air Conditioner?

As you already read above, air conditioners can burden your pocket in paying the electric bill. I have some tips you can take note of in saving money for your home. Here they are:


Tip #1. The ceiling fan

A ceiling fan will be your companion if you want to save money in paying your electric bills. The fan itself will help cool the room and compliment the work of the air conditioner. Also, it will recirculate the air in your room that the air conditioner might take time to do.


Tip #2. Insulate, insulate

Without proper insulation, the temperature of your room is not maintained well. So, you should hire someone to insulate not only your room but the whole of your house. Insulation will keep the cold air from escaping your home. A properly insulated home has its air conditioners cool its home efficiently. Thus, saving their bills.


Tip #3. Shades my friend

In cooling your room, you will be dealing with sunlight and its heat. Please decide to buy curtains that are blackout or can block incoming light and heat altogether. Also, you can invest your money in blinds that can temporarily darken your room and cool it down with the help of an air conditioner. With the help of shades and blinds, cooling your room might be faster and can be money-saving.


Tip #4. Take care of your air conditioner

Your air conditioner is like a human body. Therefore, it needs periodical maintenance from time to time. Primarily, it would help if you cleaned all its vents and ducts to be no dust and other debris blocking the air. With a properly maintained air conditioner, you will be saving money from its further troubles over time.



Great! You know, “how much does it cost to run a window air conditioner?” Typically, your air conditioner can cost distinctively with varying electric rates. Window air conditioners can consume around $0.065 to $0.195 per hour, depending on their BTU or British Thermal Unit and wattage. If you want to read informative articles, go here. Thank you very much for reading! See you again!

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