How Much Does It Cost To Run A 5000 BTU Air Conditioner? 6 Awesome Factors To Acknowledge!

Do you want to know how much does it cost to run a 5000 BTU air conditioner? Well, to know the overall cost, you still need to consider a lot of factors. Some of these are the cost of the entire unit, usage, and many more. We need to consider things before purchasing something to associate it with what we want and deserve. We want the best for ourselves and our house at all times.

However, there are times when we want something high-quality, but it’s too much for our budget. With this article, we can find the best 5000 BTU AC unit for your home that is enough for your savings. So, let’s get started!

how much does it cost to run a 5000 BTU air conditioner


Factors Affecting The Cost Of Your 5000 BTU AC

Today, we will determine the overall estimated cost of purchasing an AC unit with 5000 BTU. And these calculations can change depending on your habits and the usage of your AC.

For example, the air conditioning system will work three times harder because the filters have a lot of clogged dirt, preventing the air from flowing efficiently. This situation can affect your electricity bill and can make it increase rapidly.

But don’t worry because we’re going to identify the factors you need to consider to know how much does it cost to run a 5000 BTU air conditioner. And here they are:


Factor #1. Unit cost

One of the factors that customers look into is the BTU of an air conditioner unit since it shows how much space it can cool. For example, a 5000 BTU can cool up a room up to 250 sq. ft which would already be enough for your room.

And with 5000 BTU AC units, they don’t need and consume much electricity. So, you already have a cool room and no financial problems. But how much does the unit cost?

The unit usually ranges from $130-$160 for well-known brands. But some brands can offer lower prices than this, such as the MIDEA 5000 BTU unit. And the price can also differ significantly depending on the type of AC, but the given price range can be associated with window ACs.


Factor #2. Energy consumption

Power supply companies can use the given amps and volts to determine the energy cost by a particular appliance such as your AC. 5000 BTU air conditioners mostly have 3.62-5.43 amps and 110 volts, resulting in 550 watts.

And we can obtain the electricity cost through your per hour usage. In terms of 5000 AC units, the estimated cost hourly is $0.07. Our bills, on the other hand, are generally collected monthly.

So, how much will your usage add up to your home electrical bill? We multiply the estimated amount per hour to the average number of hours you use your AC unless you use it 24/7.

Let’s say you use it for about 8-10 hours a day. So, multiply $0.07 to 8 and 10, giving you $0.56-$0.7 a day. And to determine its monthly cost, we’ll multiply it to 30, which is 30 days. So now, we obtained the results, $16.8-$21 per month. But that’s not enough. There are still other variables to acknowledge.


Factor #3. AC efficiency

This factor includes the inner components and overall operation of your unit. We gave you an example earlier, which is the clogged filter. It can make your AC force itself to release all the air despite the stuff that blocks it. Not just your filter but also other defective AC components. And it might cost you a lot of money if you don’t address them immediately.

So, how does it affect the cost? When your AC forces itself to work three times harder, it will need enough power to obtain the electricity. This situation will increase your energy consumption. Additionally, don’t overwork your unit since it could result in severe damage.


Factor #4. Usage

We should also take into consideration the number of hours your AC is on. At some point, you need to let it rest. Using your AC for 24 hours non-stop will cost you 1.68 dollars a day.

And that is about $50 a month. So that costs like half of your overall AC unit. So, use your AC when it’s only needed, but you should also remember not to adjust the settings frequently.


Factor #5. Settings

When you want to freshen up the room a bit, you don’t have to set it on the highest fan speed or temperature. Do you want to make your room a walk-in refrigerator? Well, I don’t think so, too. We suggest that you set it to 78 degrees Fahrenheit, the ideal temperature for an AC unit.


Factor #6. Habits

This factor could affect your bills exceedingly. If you have younger kids, we recommend that you keep the remote and thermostat of your air conditioner out of their reach. They might turn or press it too harshly and cause your thermostat to break.

A defective thermostat can give your AC mixed signals and effects its efficiency and operation. This situation could consume a lot of your electricity. Also, don’t turn on and off your unit frequently. Or don’t adjust the settings too often. We observed that this affects your energy consumption and increases your hourly cost.


It’s A Wrap

And those are the factors you need to know to identify how much does it cost to run a 5000 BTU air conditioner. With just the unit cost and primary energy consumption, you’ll pay about $200 in a month. However, it can change depending on how you handle your AC. Hoping for the best, and thank you for reading!

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