How Much Does it Cost to Replace Kobe Loveseat Motor?

We have all been there, right? The motor of our loveseats just dies or gets broken. It might be a hassle and overwhelming if it would happen to you for the first time. That is why I am here to answer questions like how much does it cost to replace Kobe loveseat motor?

But, before we go over how does much it cost to replace Kobe loveseat motor, let us first learn the basics.

how much does it cost to replace kobe loveseat motor

What is a loveseat?

One of two types of two-seat chairs is a loveseat. One design, known as “British two-seaters,” is nearly synonymous with “two-seat couch.” It is usually furnished with two cushioned chairs. 

Another type, also known as a tête-à-tête, courting bench, kissing bench, gossip’s chair, or talking bench, is any type of two-seat furniture in which the two seats are arranged in an S configuration.

It allows two people to converse while looking at each other and being within arm’s reach while maintaining a moderate barrier between them.


How much does it cost to fix a Kobe Loveseat?

All of the parts in a power recliner are the same as in a manual chair, and only they are powered. You’ll have to spend some extra money if you wish to replace motorized recliner parts. Power recliners are more expensive to return because of the electrical components.

The cost of repair varies depending on which part you need to replace. If you only need to replace a hand control, it might be as little as $25. However, if an internal mechanism needs to be replaced, it might cost around $200.

Many people believe that at some time, you should just replace the entire recliner. Calculate how much it will cost to replace the parts on your motorized recliner. If that’s near to the cost of a new recliner, you might choose to go with that option.

However, if you’re devoted to your loveseat, it’ll be worthwhile to have it repaired.


How much does it cost to replace Kobe loveseat motor and parts?


A broken arm rail support can make a recliner extremely uncomfortable. These can be fixed for roughly $80 per arm. They will either repair or replace the arm’s internal structure.



A complete replacement will set you back roughly $90. This would be for the whole motor, as well as the cables. 



If you snipped some wires by accident, you could purchase replacements for roughly $70. It will cost between $30 and $50 to replace a wiring transformer or headset. You can get wires for a lot less money, depending on the quality of your materials.

Factors that will influence the cost of repairing a Kobe Loveseat

When determining how much it will cost to fix your Kobe Loveseat, these are the most crucial elements to consider.

Materials of high quality

First and foremost, the cost depends on the quality of the material you need to replace. If you need to reupholster your chair, the fabric you choose is crucial. It will cost more if it is made of leather rather than a less expensive poly-fiber material.

A more robust or more flexible metal will also cost more money if you need to replace a cable. You’ll have to spend more money if you want the most excellent available solution. You might, however, save money by using less expensive materials.

The Kobe Loveseat’s age and condition

If your Kobe loveseat is brand new, it most likely has a lot of sturdy pieces. This reduces the cost of repairing damaged parts by requiring fewer parts to be replaced. You’ll have to replace a lot of the loveseat when it’s old or rusty.


Where you live

This is related to the supply and demand idea. If you live in a small town, spare parts are likely to be scarce. As a result, any repairs you need to make may be more expensive. It would be worthwhile to travel to a larger city and inquire in a larger store. 

How long does a Kobe loveseat motor last?

Models with automatic features are more accessible and relaxing, thanks to the powerful motor that handles all significant motions rather than leaving you struggling to push back backrests and close tightly wound foot supports.

While certain variables influencing the dependability of power recliner motors are directly impacted by the brand quality and their particular assembly policy, you and your immediate actions play a significant role in making your recliner endure. 

If you want to maintain your power recliner tidy and an electric motor in good working order, you may benefit from following a few essential tips that will help you give your chair a longer life.

Kobe loveseat motor can survive for many years longer than a manual recliner. Still, their capacity to function correctly declines. In addition, many elements of a motorized recliner might wear out and need to be repaired or replaced. 

From socket to the transformers and pinched wires, many components of the chair air can and will ultimately fail.


You should always be mindful of your budget when purchasing a loveseat. Things like replacing a motor will cost you money. So, this concludes our talk on how much does it cost to replace Kobe loveseat motor.

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