How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Dryer Belt? Read This Best Guide!

Are you planning to get your dryer belt replaced; that’s why you want to know how much does it cost to replace a dryer belt? In order to have a dryer belt repaired or replaced, it would cause one to spend a price ranging from $100 to $300, including the cost of the new dryer belt and the labor costs. If you decide to replace it yourself, you can get away with just spending $10 to $50. This article has been written in order to help you get an idea of how much it will cost you to replace a dryer belt.

If your dryer won’t work because of a damaged dryer belt, it would cost you money whether you decide to buy a new dryer, have the dryer belt replaced, or replace it yourself. Your decision here will determine how much money you would have to take out of your pocket.

how much does it cost to replace a dryer belt

It all depends on your specific situation on what action is most practical and convenient for you. Buying a brand new washer would cost you the most, but it is worth considering if your dryer is already old and has faced many other problems prior. Hiring a professional to replace your dryer belt is a good choice if you don’t have the time or the technical skills to replace the dryer belt and do the repair yourself.

The cheapest choice would be to do the replacement yourself, by arming yourself knowledge through different ways such as reading books, watching tutorial videos on the internet, and reading articles such as this one. It is all up to you what choice you find most appealing. Continue reading to learn more about the cost of replacing the components and parts of a dryer and when to replace a dryer belt. 


How To Know If A Dryer Belt Should Be Replaced

Let us first go over what a dryer belt is and its function in a dryer. A dryer belt is a part of the dryer that goes around the drum where you place the clothes. It grips it tightly and is in contact with a pulley and the motor. When the motor rotates, the dryer belt also moves to make the drum rotate as well. Unfortunately, the dryer belt may get damaged over time because of wear and tear. So how exactly would we know if we have to get our dryer belt replaced?

Usually, depending on the model of your dryer there are ways to tell if the dryer belt is damaged. The most general one is if you hear and feel that the dryer’s motor is running but the drum is not spinning. In newer models, error codes are usually displayed by smart appliances to communicate with the user on what is wrong.

Another sign is when the clothes within the dryer are still wet even after the cycle. The dryer belt might have given up in the middle of the cycle, and the drum stopped spinning correctly without completing its cycle. You can also tell if the dryer belt is acting up if you hear weird thumping sounds from the dryer. The only sure way to check is to open the dryer and look at the dryer belt. If your dryer won’t start despite a sufficient power source, a problem with the dryer belt is worth considering. Some dryers stop the motors from running if there is something wrong with the belt, sometimes followed by error codes in newer dryers. Anyway, here’s how to replace a dryer belt

To know more about how much it costs to replace a dryer belt, continue reading.


How Much Does It Cost To Replace Components Of A Dryer Belt

Now that you know the functions of a dryer belt and how to tell if there is something wrong with the dryer belt. We will now be talking about the costs of replacing different parts and components of a dryer if these are defective or damaged. We will include the cost when a professional repair it and one without the labor costs. So, how much does it cost to replace a dryer belt?


#1. Dryer belt

Replacement of a dryer belt will cost you somewhere between $100 up to $300 if the cost of the dryer belt and the labor cost is included. However, if you have the confidence to do the replacement yourself, it would only cost you $10 to $50 depending on the brand of your dryer and which one you decide to buy.


#2. Dryer heating element

The heating element in the dryer can cost from $35 to $60 when the components needed are bought without the costs of labor for repair. If you decide to leave the problem to the experts, you would have to spend an amount ranging from $150 to $350.


#3. Dryer motor

The motor is one of the essential parts of the dryer. When purchasing a dryer motor, the price can cost as low as $40 and as high as $200 without the labor costs. Leaving the job to a professional will cost you $130, ranging from $300.


It’s A Wrap!

Thank you for reading this article about how much does it cost to replace a dryer belt until the end. Hopefully, your questions have been answered, and these answers will be helpful to you in the future. We appreciate the time and effort you have given to help us help you. Keep on learning, and take care until next time. Know these things too: how to install a belt on a Maytag dryer and replace a belt on a GE dryer.

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