How Much Does It Cost To Renew Wedding Vows

If you’re curious about how much does it cost to renew wedding vows, you can manage a budget of $200. We will provide a detailed sample budget breakdown below for those interested in renewing their marriage vows. 

Finally, you’ll learn what else to expect with wedding vows and the requirements for one. And as for the timing, here’s when to renew wedding vows

how much does it cost to renew wedding vows


How Much Does It Cost To Renew Wedding Vows

The cost of renewing wedding vows can start at $200. The type of ceremony and other elements you want to incorporate in the vow renewal will ultimately affect the costs and expenses. 

You can always set the budget for a wedding vow renewal with complete freedom since it doesn’t require as many requirements as the wedding you had before. Here’s a sample cost breakdown for a wedding vow renewal with 50 guests to give you an idea. 


Sample budget breakdown for wedding vow renewal 

Remember that the elements when you renew your vows are up to you. You don’t need all of these things for your vow renewal if your budget is limited. 

  • Free: wedding vow renewal officiant; unlike for an actual wedding, you can ask anyone to perform the wedding vows without constraints from legalities
  • Free or $50: Wedding vow renewal location (e.g., you’ll save more when you renew your wedding vows in your backyard. Alternatively, you only need permits for national parks, which still cost less than renting a venue)
  • Free or $20: wedding vow renewal invitation (i.e., it’s free if you opt for online invitations since wedding vow renewals are usually intimate events. Otherwise, you can always buy cards and print them at home so your expenses won’t go over $20)
  • Around $85: food and drinks for the guests; it’s possible not to spend over $100 for your food and drinks if you opt for simple beverages like iced tea and a main course like pasta for 50 guests

Some other elements for a wedding vow renewal include photography, optional venue decors, and the outfits of you and your partner. However, these expenses will vary since some can be done by yourself, a willing friend, or a relative. 

You can encourage your vow renewal guests to share photos they’ve taken; for the decors, some venues don’t even need them. And for the outfits, you don’t need to rent a tuxedo and a gown, but you can always look great in something you can reuse for a date night on your wedding anniversary. 


What Is Needed To Renew Wedding Vows?

You must know the key elements you’ll need to know how much you’ll spend when you renew your vows. Then, you can adjust the vow renewal ceremony accordingly to save on costs or compare prices from different sources. 

These are the only five things you need if you renew your wedding vows:



You need someone to perform the ceremony when you renew your wedding vows. However, the difference between marriage vow renewals and weddings is the former doesn’t require someone to be legally ordained to perform the ceremony. 

You can have a friend or family member officiate your marriage vow renewal ceremony. Regardless, it will help if they are someone you’re very close with to plan the ceremony more comfortably. 



Of course, you need to prepare your vows for the wedding vow renewal. The ceremony is an opportunity to reflect on your marriage and also reaffirm your commitment to each other. 

This is the best time to express your feelings to each other. Otherwise, there’s also nothing wrong with exchanging the same vows you had at your wedding. 

Read how long should wedding vows be to know how to write them better. 



Having many guests with you on your marriage vow renewal is not required. However, remember that the guest list will also affect the costs you’ll spend at the renewal. 

Furthermore, a big event will likely be a cocktail, formal, or semi-formal occasion. Compared to a laidback and intimate affair, you must prepare for the prices of food, drinks, and venue for a big event. 



You don’t need to rent a venue for a wedding vow renewal. Some couples have it in their backyard or somewhere unique to them, like a park. 

However, selecting a location where you won’t be bothered by other people would be best. The number of guests you’ll have will also affect your choice of venue. 



It’s not mandatory, but most couples often exchange rings during their vow renewals. So it’s an excellent opportunity to upgrade your wedding rings as well. 


Can Anyone Do A Vow Renewal?

Any married couple can do a vow renewal since legal implications do not limit it. 


What are the legalities needed when you renew your marriage vows?

There are no legal documents needed for a wedding vow renewal. It’s also up to you to incorporate traditional wedding ceremony elements like readings and unity ceremonies.



And that’s it! To recap how much does it cost to renew wedding vows, it wouldn’t be as pricey as the wedding. 

You can even have a vow renewal with 50 guests for $200, depending on the elements you’ll incorporate. And in general, you only need an officiant for the ceremony and a suitable venue for yourselves.

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