How Much Does it Cost to Recover a Loveseat?

Reupholstery will be a perfect way to give your furniture a new look. However, it costs more than purchasing new ones, but it is cheaper for items of unique significance. You might be smart to choose an antique chair with a fantastic frame or a classic sofa with a single ripped cover.  If you are having trouble making the right decision, we will discuss how much does it cost to recover a loveseat. This will make your investment worth it, rather than recovering a basic one which would cost more than buying a new one.


how much does it cost to recover a loveseat

The cost of a loveseat recovery is between $600 and $2,000. Tight furniture and seat need from five to ten meters of cloth, lowering the price. It will need up to 18 yards to build work with an imaginative back or loose cushions that totals up to 2000 dollars. 


You do not just have to pay for the new equipment they used on your old loveseat. You will also have to pay for maintenance, a new skirt, and all the other decorations that a great sofa requires in its former splendor. There are many factors to consider in recovering a loveseat, which is why the cost adds up. They do not just fix what got broken. They also add a new design to it, and this is a bit pricey.


Factors to Consider Whether or Not You Need to Recover Your Loveseat


There are many things to consider whether or not you need to recover your loveseat or is it time to buy a new one. 


To know if you need to recover it, first, look at the lower surface to make sure it is hardwood and kiln-dried. Check for solid, secure, intact corner braces. Second, ask if the furniture was an item of eight-way hand-touched spring furniture. If they are, then they designed it for maximum comfort and support in each of its pieces. 


Then, to ensure it does not shake during use, try the furniture, sit on it together with someone else. Assess how you both felt while sitting on the loveseat. Check for harm that cannot be readily restored—for example, bent or cracked wood.


Another is to check the age of your loveseat. Determine if the furniture is over 10 years old. Ask the seller about the past of the furniture if you intend to buy it at a yard sale or from a used furniture dealer. Older parts also are higher in condition; according to the Upholstery of Peroni, furniture made over the past ten years is normally not strong enough to bother replenishment. This is a positive indication if it has been in operation for 10 or 15 years and does not collapse yet structurally.


Lastly, look for a familiar brand name. The furniture produced by Henredon, Vanguard, Michael Thomas, and others is worthy of re-polishing. These are top-quality furniture, so recovering it would be cheaper than buying a new one.


How Long Does it Take to Recover a Loveseat?


Another factor that affects the cost of recovering an item of furniture is labor time. The amount of time the person takes to do the job affects its price. 


It takes 5 to 25 hours to recover a piece of furniture like a loveseat. Another thing to consider is the business of the upholsterer. It may take up to a month for them to fix your furniture if the upholsterer has a packed schedule. Prepare to pay a rush fee if you need your loveseat fixed quickly.


How to Find a Good Upholsterer


Know that you have made your mind recover your loveseat; you need someone you can trust with your furniture. You have to know that you are paying the right person that does the job well.


An introduction or suggestion from a friend or family member is the easiest way to locate someone to recover your loveseat. It is necessary to ask the person questions about whether you cannot get a referral or wish to continue with the recommendation. If the upholsterer believes that your furniture is suitable for upholstery, you may still want to find out.


As well as receiving advice, ask the upholsterer if they have a portfolio. You are going to want to see examples and the duration of their jobs. You will find out if this person’s skills are compatible with what you need in a big portfolio of a selection of workpieces. 


Choosing the person doing it also affects how much it would cost to recover a loveseat. That is why it is crucial to assess the upholsterer to ensure you are paying for the service you wanted.




There are a lot of things to consider before you make up your mind on recovering your loveseat. This all relates to how much it costs to recover a loveseat. From labor to new materials and equipment, it all adds up. That is why thoroughly think the matter through before making your final decision.