How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Fridge? 6 Awesome Issues!

Are you wondering how much does it cost to fix a fridge? It usually falls between $200 to $330, but it usually depends on how inclusive the damage is. It could even cost less than a hundred dollars, or it could take about $1000.

So, it’s better first to examine what you think is the essential component to fix and start from there.

how much does it cost to fix a fridge

Have you encountered a scenario where your food spoiled overnight because your fridge is not cool enough? Well, that situation will leave you confused since you checked it’s adequately closed before sleeping or that the thermostat is on. Or you even recalled that there’s no power outage last night.

“What could be the problem,” you asked. It might be the result of a faulty compressor or refrigerator fan. We wouldn’t know that unless we have someone check the interior side of the fridge. But don’t worry because we’re here to help you out and give you a heads up on the possible cost of refrigerator repairs.


Refrigerator Issues And Their Repair Costs

People focus more on the price of a specific product or service when they have a limited budget. If you’re currently struggling financially but noticed a slight defect in your fridge, this article will help you out. We’ll give you an idea of the possible costs of various refrigerator repairs. Hopefully, the following information could answer your question on how much does it cost to fix a fridge.


Issue #1. Compressor

So, this component plays a massive role in cooling your fridge. It’s responsible for converting the liquid refrigerant to a cool mist, so if it’s broken, the temperature might rise and lead to food spoilage. To prevent this from happening, avoid overworking your compressor and always pay attention to the slightest changes such as temperature rise. Also, it is challenging to deal with fridge parts, so there’s a high chance that you’ll hire a technician.

However, it will cost you more since you’ll pay for the compressor, which has a price of about $50-$300, and you also need to pay the technician about 100-150 dollars. So, that rounds us up to $200-$450. Even if you’re low on budget, we suggest that you don’t fix the compressor yourself if you have no experience. You’ll risk your fridge more damage.


Issue #2. Refrigerant leak

You’ll eventually notice that there’s a leak if you can hear hissing sounds or that your fridge isn’t cooling. Your fridge may be low in refrigerant, which turns into a cold mist after traveling to various valves and pipes. This substance usually lasts longer, but the amount will decrease if there are leaks on its passageway.

Dealing with this chemical can cause severe damage if not handled properly. So, you should hire a professional to repair the leaks and, in extreme cases, fill up your freon or refrigerant levels. It would cost you about $200-$300, so we hope that not two or more issues will happen simultaneously to avoid spending too much.


Issue #3. Freezer

Modern refrigerators usually have a freezer, and in my opinion, its technology is more complicated than your fridge. Its components have to work harder and more efficiently to give your frozen goods the lowest possible temperature.

So, challenging work will probably be a heartache to your wallet. Repairing a freezer would cost you about 100 to 650 dollars, depending on the severity of the damage.


Issue #4. Door dents and seals

Only several homeowners care about a minor dent on their fridge door. However, if it affects the door’s ability to close entirely, you shouldn’t ignore it. A small gap between the inside of your fridge and the external environment would cause your refrigerator more harm. More minor dents will probably cost you less than a hundred dollars, but it depends on you if you want to fix it even though your fridge door closes well. But if there are any concerns with its closing, the repairman might let you pay for more than $250 or less.


Issue #5. Dispensers

Not all refrigerators have water and ice dispensers, but if you don’t have one, then you’re lucky. And problems with these features are usually associated with filter or water line issues. So, it will just probably cost around $60 to $200. However, if there’s more damage, then it might reach $300.


Issue #6. Thermostat and control board

To keep this from happening, avoid changing the settings too frequently or forcefully. You won’t want to send mixed signals to your engine and other components. Also, opening the fridge door often might result in this problem. And it would cost you about $80-$800, depending on your fridge’s brand.


Wrapping Up

And that answers your questions about how much does it cost to fix a fridge. There are still possible minor issues that would add to your computation, so you might want to research some more. But those given above are the most crucial, and you have to get them fixed right away.

We hope you don’t have to spend that much and that your fridge doesn’t have severe damage. And you might want to check the article about how much does it cost to run a 5000 BTU air conditioner for more helpful information about home appliances. Have a great day!

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