How Much Does It Cost to Dry Clean Curtains? Top Ideas!

If you live in a humid climate, then the chances are that your curtains have picked up some mold or mildew. Wondering how much does it cost to dry clean curtains? There are different means to get them cleaned at an affordable price! Read on!

Prices for dry Cleaning Curtains

The average price to dry clean curtains in the United States is about $30.00 for a small flat panel and up to $100.00 for a sizeable pleated drapery with heavy embroidery or elaborate trimming.

how much does it cost to dry clean curtains

How Much Does it Cost to dry Clean Curtains?

Prices vary depending on how long it takes to do the work and how much dirt is on them.
The average price for a small flat panel is about $30, while large pleated drapery with heavy embroidery or elaborate trimming can cost up to $100.

To dry clean curtains that are less dirty but still require cleaning, you will likely pay about $15.00.
To dry clean curtains that are heavily soiled, you will likely pay between $30 and $50, which depends on how long it takes to do the work and how much dirt is on them.

Do I Need to Get my Drapes Dry Cleaned?

If they’re not too dirty or just lightly soiled, you can save some money by spot cleaning them yourself.
If they’re heavily soiled, it’s a good idea to have the professionals do the work for you to avoid ruining your drapes.

Dry clean curtains when:

Tip #1. You notice that your curtains are looking dirty or getting too dusty (use a vacuum cleaner to clean them first).
Tip #2. Pets or children have soiled-Your curtains, and the stains won’t come out in the washing machine.
Tip #3. If you’ve spilled something on your drapes, they might need dry cleaning if it’s not coming off with a damp cloth.
Tip #4. If your curtains are getting too dusty, it’s a good idea to have the professionals do the work for you to avoid ruining them.
Tip #5. Your drapes look dirty, or there is an odor that won’t go away after they’ve been laundered.
Tip #6. You’re moving and need new ones cleaned.
Tip #7. You’re a renter and want your curtains dry cleaned before you move out.
Tip #8. Your dorm room needs to be stripped of all its furnishings, including drapes.

What are the Things to Consider When Finding a Curtain Dry Cleaner?

  • Make sure the dry cleaner is certified and has a good reputation in your area.
  • Ask about prices upfront to make sure they’re not too expensive or don’t have hidden fees.
  • Find out if they offer pickup and delivery services, which would be convenient for you as well as cost-effective.
  • Consider how the price.

How to know When a Curtain Needs Dry Cleaning?

  • The odor is too strong.
  • There’s a stain or spill that you can’t remove with soap and water.
  • You want them cleaned before moving into your new home, such as renting an apartment or dorm room on campus.
  • They’re covered in dust from the lack of vacuum cleaner use during construction.
  • They’re not bright white anymore.
  • You’ve vacuumed up a lot of pet hair, and you want to remove the stains from that too.


Is it Good to Iron Dry Cleaned Curtains?

Yes. Ironing is the best way to get them looking crisp and neat again, although it’s a task you have to do carefully, or else you’ll risk damaging your curtains with scorching hot temperatures from iron that isn’t properly set.

Should You Dry Clean my Curtain Blinds?

Sure, you can take them to the dry cleaners for an extra fee. Some people who see this type of cleaning as a waste of time and money will use lukewarm water with dish soap instead.

If your blinds have tape or tack lining on all four edges, it’s important that they be removed before the blinds are taken to a dry cleaner.

Should you Clean Curtain Rods?

The answer is absolutely yes. This will not only make them look new again, but it’ll also remove any dust that has built up on them over time and restore their luster.

Should I Dry Clean my Drapes?

Drapes will need to be dry cleaned at least once a year for them to look their best. They should never be laundered and can only be spot cleaned with cleaner, warm water, and detergent.

However, whether you choose the Do It Yourself route or taking your drapes to a professional service provider, it’s important to know how often they should be cleaned.

The general rule is that drapes need cleaning every 12 months, or about once a year. There are many factors like light exposure and the type of fabric in your curtains that will determine how quickly dirt accumulates on them and when you’ll need to clean them.

Should I Fold my Dry Cleaned Curtains?

The short answer is yes; you should always fold your drapes after they’ve been dry cleaned. This will help them maintain their shape and keep any creases from setting in. Folding them can be a little time-consuming, but it’s an extra step that goes along way to maintain the quality of your curtains.

You may be tempted to throw them in a heap on the floor, but this will cause creases and wrinkles that are hard to get out later. To avoid these pitfalls, fold your drapes carefully after they’ve been dry cleaned for a more professional-looking finish.